Thursday 3 September 2015

Doctor's Follow Up

So today was my follow up with the doctor who did my by-pass.  I find it amusing that all of the doctors I have met and dealt with through the whole process have been skinny.  The same is true of everyone that works at the Victoria clinic as well. No way to know if this was an intentional decision or if it was just random but it certainly does stand out.  Even the hot resident doctor with the sexy accent who did the initial question was skinny.  Anyways it was just an observation that I wanted to share. 

So the appointment was pretty good.  The doctor gave me a clean bill of health and I've got the ok to go back to work.  He asked how everything was going if I was exercising and so on.  My only short fall has been that I've been forgetting to take my last vitamins of the night.  So they made a point of reminding me about that and how important it is.  At the end of the appointment I was told I would be put on the regular follow up schedule.  So now I have a follow up in 6 months and then again at the end of the year.  After that if all is still go then I will be going to yearly follow up appointments.

I think the real important and enjoyable part of the appointment was sitting in the waiting room.  In total there were 5 of us that were actively talking. 3 of us had our surgeries within a day of each other and had met in the hospital.  1 woman who was scheduled to have her surgery in 10 days and the last person had the surgery a year ago last March.  All of us readily shared our experiences with each other and everyone was happy and open about sharing.  We had all taken slightly different paths; for example some of us have been open about our surgery others have and are keeping it secret.

One of the funny things about the discussion was that the woman who had had her surgery over a year ago also had a cast on. Based on that and her physical appearance all the rest of didn't think she had a bypass until she came out and said so.  I can't imagine being at a point that when someone looks at me they wouldn't know I was once fat.

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