Monday 7 September 2015

The good, the bad, the ugly and a question

It has been an eventful weekend to say the least.  I'm truly glad it turned out the way it did as it is the last weekend before I return to work.  With the Doctors ok I'll be back on tomorrow Tuesday.  On one hand over all I'm not thrilled to be going back.  I'm enjoying the time at home working with tamile, getting stuff done around the house, and even doing some writing.  That being said I also know it is important that I get back in to the regular routine of working a daily job.

So lets start with the good of this post.  This Friday after running errands and a meeting we spent the evening babysitting two of the grandkids.  It was the two grandkids that we don't see as often so it was a lot of fun.  The four of us played, cuddled and watched a bit of TV.  tamile took care of putting the older one to bed and I took care of putting the baby to bed.   It was only willpower that kept me awake through the process.  We were going to offer to keep them over night but they came by early to pick the kids up.

The weekend continued to be good Saturday afternoon was spent at a local game store running a demo of a new game called Nefarious.  It was a pretty good game and I will likely write a review of it in the next few days.  That evening was when the real fun began.  tamile and I hosted our first party since June.

In the past we have regularly hosted kink focused parties.  Basically once a month we invite over friends to hang out, chat, have a few drinks, share our kinks with each other, and even demonstrate a few kinky things to the room.  We tried a couple of things differently this time around.  We invited less people so those who did attend had more space.  It made for a way more intimate evening. Everyone who came out played in some way or another, which I am pretty sure is a first.  tamile and I started off the evening with a great flogging scene, it had been to long since we did that..  Our Brandon family followed up with their own impact play scene.  A few people did some electro play,  I got to have a small electro play scene with a regular attendee and then followed it up with an electro play and impact play with a first timer to our parties.  A very cute (Currently red headed) woman the scene was really good and fun to play with.    All in all it was a great night.  One of the more enjoyable parts was a sitting four people across our three person couch.  I had tamile pressed into me on one side and the red head on the other.  It was a rough place to be sitting for sure with both of them cuddling up into me.  Somewhere between 3 and 4 in the morning the last of the guests left.

Sunday continued to be good our home based gaming group met and started a new adventure for the first time since last April.  It was a pretty good session all.  There wasn't a lot of things happening in it, but everyone had fun and we got the adventure started.

Now for the bad is that the weekend is nearly over.

Last but not least the ugly.  I normally wear a kilt to kink events.  tamile makes a wonderful cargo kilt that are awesome to wear and comfortable as hell.  I have two wonderful kilts that she made and to be honest they are far from ugly.  What is ugly is they they don't fit anymore.  I can't say that this is a bad thing but at the same time I can't call it a good thing either.  Which is what makes it ugly?  I want to be happy and excited by them not fitting but it also means I am without a cargo kilt for a while.

Finally the question; I have been only posting this blog for a while now and I was reminded today that I have a couple of other blogs.  Ones that are specifically focused on gaming and the other one focused on Kink.  Should I go back to posting about those other topics specifically to those other blogs and try and generate more content or should I just keep posting everything to this one?

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Diana said...

I personally love the idea of the two together - then again I am a gamer and a kinkster.

Do You think You will have time to write to them separately - or will You find it becoming a chore?

Only You can really decide what is easiest for You :)