Tuesday, 11 August 2015

3 weeks less a day post surgery

Well it will be 3 weeks since surgery as of tomorrow.  All in all I'm hugely happy with the results.I'm working my way back towards more solid food.  It seems like everyone is really different when it comes to how they get back to eating.  I was speaking last night with the person who had surgery the same day that I did and she was still on soft food.  The sad and difficult part is that just because you can eat something one day there is no guarantee that you will be able to eat it the next.

Just yesterday I had intense stomach pains after eating some pork chop.  I had eaten the exact same thing only the night before for supper.  For the most part I'm doing pretty good with solid food.  I chew the hell out of it to be certain. I think the biggest part of it is portion control.  This is something I'm still having a hard time on this one.  While I was working on this entry I stopped to make myself some lunch.  The plan was simple I was going to have a cheese quesadilla,  I initially planned on A quesadilla shell folded in half.  When I pulled out the shell it looked small so I pulled out a second one.  As I was making it the thing looked small enough.  Then I ate it slowly and chewed a lot but by the time I finished I knew I had eaten to much.  I'm starting to think that about half of what I consider a good sized portion, might be the way to go.  I guess this might be why they say 4-6 weeks off to learn these things.

Anyways here is a little hard data about the weight loss.

  • June 15 - 404.7lbs
  • June 22 - 397lbs
  • June 29 - 400.5lbs
    • July 2nd Boost Diet Started
  • July 6 - 391.7lbs
  • July 13 - 385.6lbs
  • July 20 - 378lbs
    • July 22 - Surgery Date
  • July 27 - 370.3lbs
  • Aug 4 - 358.4lbs
  • Aug 10 - 354.2lbs
Total weight lost from June 15 to Aug 10th 50.5lbs

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Food As Reward

The day I was out walking with tamile and we started talking a little bit about what exactly food is to us and how we see it.  One of the things the we realized as we talked was that we both see food as a reward.  In seconds as we talked both of us rattled off a number of examples where we rewarded ourselves with food for a job well done.
  • A new job? lets celebrate by going out to a restaurant.
  • Kids Birthday? lets have the family over for dinner & cake.
  • The kids sports team did well? Then lets get the Ice-Cream on the way home.
I'm pretty sure that you get the idea. Not really sure what the origin of this behaviour is but it seems  to be pretty consistent across most of the people I know.   More then once I've seen a coach with the whole sports team out for Slurpees or Ice Cream.

We need to get away from this.  Why should food be used as a reward?  I guess in a lot of ways it is just easy.  Food is everywhere so that makes it super easy to get and give as a reward. With a little extra effort a better reward shouldn't be to hard to come up with.

  • A new job? What about getting some new clothes or something cool to have with you at the job.  Like some kind of desk sitter.
  • Kids Birthday? Have the family over for gifts and a visit.  Skip the cake, it is a tradition that isn't really needed.  A quick bit of Google-Fu says cakes come from around the 1400s in Germany.   Maybe we need to change just how we do cakes, Maybe there is some type of better option.  I'm not to sure what it is but I do want to try and figure it out.  Maybe just skip the icing?
  • Sports team did well?  Save the money you would have used on ice cream and get them something they can you use for the next game.  Maybe some better equipment, help pay for team photos, have Gatorade on hand for the next game (Sure it is food, but at least it is good you)
Anyways hopefully this will at least give you something to think about.

I was going to say that I hoped this post gave you some "Food for Thought" but I thought better of it.

There is a quote I found that is apparently attributed to Drew Carey;

"Eating crappy food isn't a reward, 
it is a punishment"

Friday, 31 July 2015

By Pass Update: Day 8

So it has been a 8 days since I had the surgery.  All things considered I'm doing pretty good and feeling pretty good.  Each of the incisions, but 1, have started to develop some wonderfully colourful bruises.  The one that hasn't bruise up is healing amazingly well.  The second worst bruise of the lot wasn't part of the operation but from the bloody Heperin shot I received the next day.

Next lets look at food.  Things have changed a little bit since I last posted.  Don't worry, Jell-O is still my best friend.  Now with that out of the way I have gotten to try a few new things as well.  I absolutely loved the Mango Hurricane Booster Juice,  with it I had a protein booster. That was a big help with my daily protein. It was so nice and smooth going down too.  The one rule I did break was I used a straw.  They say that you are not supposed to use straws because it introduces to much air into the stomach.  I didn't really have any problem with it.

The next day tamile made bison burgers for herself and pureed about 2 or 3 oz of one of them along with a bit of beef broth. I can't begin to describe just how good this tasted.  It was pretty much the first amount of meet I had eaten in some time.  I was tempted to add some ketchup or maybe even some relish but I decided against it.  I wasn't sure how the ketchup my cause it to clump up in my stomach.  As for the relish I don't really have a reason why I didn't bother with that I just didn't.

More news as it happens.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Day 6 Update

Been a rough couple of days.  Stomach felt really twisted, and bloated.  Thankfully no throwing up, The feeling has mostly past at this point.  Still not pleasant.  Watching what I'm eating very closely and still trying to stay active.  It is such a weird balancing act.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day 4 By Pass Update

Well it has been four days since the by pass.  All in all I'm doing pretty good.  I've still only had a single bowel movement and I would very much like to start having them with some amount of regularity.

Me at the start line

Saturday was pretty exciting,  Months before I knew I would be having the surgery we had signed up for the Winnipeg 5k Color Me Rad run.  I was honestly pretty torn about how I was going to deal with this.  At first I had considered just going to cheer them on and sitting at the finish line waiting for them.  Then I considered walking as much of it as I could and just doubling back to the finish line.  I went back and forth on this a lot since the surgery and before hand.  Saturday morning I was getting dressed and pulled out the shirt I had worn to the other color me rad runs I had done.  It was pretty much decided at that point I was going to walk as much of it as I could.  I nearly dropped out around the 4 kilometer mark.  But I decided I had gone that far another kilometer wouldn't hurt.  I'm really glad that I made it to the finish line and did the whole route.  It felt like a really big accomplishment.  Granted there is still apart of me that is fairly certain that while it was an accomplishment it was also a stupid decision.    In the end I guess I don't really care all that much I accomplished what I set out to do.  Next year I will be running it one way or the other.

At the finish line (Left to right Randilin, tamile, and friend)

Showing off my incisions
naviara and her father joined us as well.
We finished off the day with a stop at Ikea.  tamile and I needed new bed side dressers for our room.  I was so waiting for someone to ask to help me find something I wanted to say I was looking for the shower displays to get cleaned up.  Sadly no one asked me anything but tamile and our friend did enjoy a snack afterwards.
I of course had water!

Once home a nap was had followed by a shower, in which a lot of the bandages came off.  Then the evening was spent babysitting the the grandkids who for the most part did a good job of not poking my stomach.