Sunday 13 March 2016

Zombies Run! 5k

So I'm going to talk about one of my favorite apps of all time. As an app it is available for both IOS and Android for less than 5 bucks.

So the basic idea behind the app is that is it a couch to five kilometer training app.  It is designed to take someone who is a none runner and train them up to be able to complete a 5-kilometer run.  All of this over the course of an 8-week program.  Each week is made up of 3 identical sessions, that get harder as the program continues.

What makes this app so much fun in my opinion is the story aspect of the program.  You take on the role of Runner #5 a new addition to Camp Able.  The world has been overrun by zombies and you are being trained by the Camp Able Doctor and Sam the radio room to be a runner for the camp.  One day you will be out running in the zombie wilds collecting much-needed supplies but not until you are ready if the doctor has anything to say about it.

I've been using the app every summer for the last three years.  Until this year I've gotten stuck at the end of week 3 and have never been able to get past it.  This past week for the first time I've made it past week 3 and in fact I have completed week 4 as of tonight.  In fact to night I saved runner #6 life.  That runner had been cut pretty badly and was on there way back to Camp Able.  The problem was that they had three zombies hot on their heels.  I, as Runner #5, was the only runner available to go out and distract the three zombies so that she could make back to the base and get the medical help that she needed to live.  It was an exciting run and I had a great time saving the other runner.  I can't wait to find out what comes next

You can find out more about it here

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