Tuesday 23 February 2016

Exercise plan revisited

Ok so lets all jump in to the phone booth with Bill, Ted and the Doctor and travel back in time to January 16th when I said I would originally post this.
So back on January 6th I posted some goals for 2016.  One specific goal was about exercise planning;
 Build to a weekly exercise routine
 I find that I easily fall in a routine that lacks exercise.  So much of my life and the things I enjoy are sedentary that I need to work to actively make physically activity apart of my daily / weekly routine.  By January 16th I will post a weekly schedule that will show my intended out routine.  Then by the end of January I'll post a follow up to show how I've been doing on it.
I kinda failed on the deadline I set it seems so with the help of the doctor and friends I'll try and clear that up.

So here is the exercise plan as it stands now.

  • Zombies Run! 5k App every second day until it is completed.  Then move on to the main Zombies Run! app to maintain and continue the pattern that I've established.  For this part of the plan I am 4 sessions in to the program.  There are 3 sessions per week and I have just started week two.  As a reward for finishing a week I will be spending time in the pool and hot tub .  I think this habit has really taken root already.  The other morning was a none run day and shortly after I woke up I realized that is wasn't a run day and was disappointed by that fact.

  • Yoga I've been introduced to a Yoga class that I very much enjoy.  It is only once a week but I make the effort to try and make out.  The price is reasonable, it is by donation , so I try and make sure I have ten bucks to toss into the bucket at the end of the class.    I've also found in a couple of situations in my daily life where the stretches I have learned have indeed been helpful.  

  • Exercise Equipment; is something I want to start doing after my runs, but to date it is not something I've been able to include. I have walked through the equipment and looked it to try and figure out some type program for myself.  Also I have spoken with a couple of people I consider to be knowledgeable about such things to get their suggestions.

That is the plan as it stands right now.

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