Monday 22 February 2016

Encounters to RPG night with Cliff

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About 7 years ago my wife and I were interested in checking out the latest addition of Dungeons and Dragons (4th edition).  We made a few calls to the local game stores and discovered that Wizards of the Coast was just about to launch their Encounters program.  Which was basically a on going adventure that was provided by them and broken into weekly installment.  The program was great and by the end of my first adventure I found myself as one of the DMs running the weekly events.
It has been a long time since those early days of Wednesday night gaming.  Looking back I've got to say it has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I've made some amazing friends over the years.  A few of which I basically consider family at this point.  People I never would have met if I hadn't committed to running all these games. 
A lot has changed over the years.  D&D Encounters, has changed to a different program, I'm not involved with it any longer.  The players who used to be with me when I ran Encounters have joined me for the last two or threes playing in what has become known as "RPG Night with Cliff"  We no longer play D&D 4th or even 5th edition for that matter.  We get together to play a variety of Role-playing games.  With special attention to the games that don't often get the attention they deserve.  Here is a list of some of the RPGs we have done to date: Fate, Dragon Age, Fiasco, Star Wars, Numenera, Savage Worlds Dead Lands, Cosmic Patrol.
We will play a game for several months in order to complete a single adventure and then move on to a new system.  This model has worked great for the store where we play because of my players pick up at least the core rule book.  They have also been very accepting of me running the occasional game of a system that is old or that they can't get in. 

Right now we are playing the Star Wars RPG produced by Fantasy Flight Games.  This is a returning system that we have played before.  As a group we are working our way the the published adventure "Mask of the Pirate Queen."  I'll be trying to post more about our on going adventure at this blog.  I want to make this somewhere people will come back to visit and check out. 
***The Following will contain adventure spoilers, if you are playing in the adventure please don't read this for your own enjoyment.***
A quick bit of background
The PC's have been hired by a large crime family and tasked with the job of bringing in the Pirate queen that has been targeting them.  The crime family was able to provide the group with three separate leads that they hoped would lead them Sorority (that is the name of the pirate band)  All of the leads have been explored and that has lead the group a crater valley elsewhere on the planet.  Last week they forcefully dealt with some of the pirate security and they are about to arrive at their strong hold
Our next game is Wednesday the 24th.  So expect an adventure update then. 

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