Monday 31 August 2015

5 week update

August has been a hell of a month.  My body has pretty much got used to the effects of the surgery.   I've only found a couple of things so far I can't eat.  The big one so far is French Toast, it is a bit of a blow as I've always been a rather large fan of French Toast.  If that is the worst of it I'm sure I will live.  I've had a lot of ups and downs along the way.  Some days are still better then others and I'm sure that will continue.

At this point the biggest thing I need to focus on is taking my time while eating and making sure I get in plenty of activity.  We have picked up a Y membership, but haven't been able to make it down yet.  Our first scheduled gym time is tomorrow morning.  tamile has plans to go do aquafit with one of the ladies from our TOPS group.  I'm planning to hit the track and run week 1 session 1 of Couch to 5K Zombies Run.  Surprisingly enough I'm super excited about being able to start the Sessions.  It feels weird to say but it is true.

The loss of weight isn't the only changes that have been happening around the household.  We have redecorated what is now the guest room.  It still feels a little weird to call it that.  tamile and I have also worked through a lot of different things and have reaffirmed our power exchange.  It has been really good and things are working well for us.  I've also been encouraged to start writing again. 

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Diana said...

Welcome back - You have been missed.