Tuesday 11 August 2015

3 weeks less a day post surgery

Well it will be 3 weeks since surgery as of tomorrow.  All in all I'm hugely happy with the results.I'm working my way back towards more solid food.  It seems like everyone is really different when it comes to how they get back to eating.  I was speaking last night with the person who had surgery the same day that I did and she was still on soft food.  The sad and difficult part is that just because you can eat something one day there is no guarantee that you will be able to eat it the next.

Just yesterday I had intense stomach pains after eating some pork chop.  I had eaten the exact same thing only the night before for supper.  For the most part I'm doing pretty good with solid food.  I chew the hell out of it to be certain. I think the biggest part of it is portion control.  This is something I'm still having a hard time on this one.  While I was working on this entry I stopped to make myself some lunch.  The plan was simple I was going to have a cheese quesadilla,  I initially planned on A quesadilla shell folded in half.  When I pulled out the shell it looked small so I pulled out a second one.  As I was making it the thing looked small enough.  Then I ate it slowly and chewed a lot but by the time I finished I knew I had eaten to much.  I'm starting to think that about half of what I consider a good sized portion, might be the way to go.  I guess this might be why they say 4-6 weeks off to learn these things.

Anyways here is a little hard data about the weight loss.

  • June 15 - 404.7lbs
  • June 22 - 397lbs
  • June 29 - 400.5lbs
    • July 2nd Boost Diet Started
  • July 6 - 391.7lbs
  • July 13 - 385.6lbs
  • July 20 - 378lbs
    • July 22 - Surgery Date
  • July 27 - 370.3lbs
  • Aug 4 - 358.4lbs
  • Aug 10 - 354.2lbs
Total weight lost from June 15 to Aug 10th 50.5lbs

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Diana said...

I am so happy for you :)

There is a struggle still - however it is a learning curve - rethinking how we do things can be a good thing.

In this case - it is becoming an eye opener!