Thursday 27 August 2009


For those who don't follow my Twitter here is the days from the time I left the house till the end of it. For the most accurate experience of my day please read them from 15 to 1.

  1. I'm getting settled in to write blog post and then plan to write for the rest of the day. Jeeves is setting up his own blog URL to follow
  2. Icey cold goodness that is a slurpee will soon be mine. See the blog later for me details and some photos of the adventure but not the proce
  3. Why do the put speed bumps in surgical parkade
  4. Leaving the clinic now it went well only counted three needles in my sac. The first was the worse
  5. I walked out of the room to see a kid walking around the waiting room wearing a concert shirt for the band Dayglo Abortions it made me smile
  6. Less than 20 mins and not a cry whimper or scream. Count me disappointed :)
  7. There seems to be a very confused looking friar tuck of a doctor going in out of the treatment room.
  8. Cliff was just taken by the nurse into the back room. He seemed fairly optinistic. She almost seemed to have a nasty smirk on.
  9. Five minutes to go jeeves is now distract with talking of 4th edition realms
  10. I am teaching jeeves how to twitter. Because i dont think the doctor will let me do this while he works
  11. He is ok with the fact that i am ok with it because that means I am Woster.
  12. The driver has just informed that refering to him as that makes him sound llike jeeves. I am ok with that
  13. Sitting in the waiting room discussing ikeas cash flow with my driver
  14. My driver just commented that he assumed we were not going to pediatrics to which i answered thats the exact opposite of where we are going
  15. Carma is a wonderful thing. A woman just handed us a parking pass good for a free hour of parling.
  16. I am in the parkade and getting closer and closer
  17. I have left the house and heading for the hospitial

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Anonymous said...

Speed bumps were killer on me after my surgery a few years ago. I wondered why they were there to start with.