Thursday 27 August 2009

Thursday 13 - #1

So I'm restarting with the whole Thursday Thirteen again, So I'm starting over in the numbers as well.


13 things about my Vasectomy

13. Twittering while nervous can be fun and hopefully wont have cost me to many followers.

12. Only counted three needles going in, which was the part I was most worried about

11. It wasn't the needles that hurt the most but instead it was the clamps that pinched down on the vein

10. It was completely free because I live in Canada. I didn't even have to stand in front of any "Death Boards" to get it.

9. Always remember to get directions before your operation. That way you know where your going and not wandering the halls of the clinic asking "Is this where they do the Vasectomies?"

8. Carma (Yes it is spelt that way for a reason) When I went for my consultation We had extra time left on the parking ticket and so we gave it to the person pulling in to the spot after us. Today when we got there a woman pulling out of the spot did the same thing for us. Thus Carma!

7. I learned from Jeeves on the way to get my Vasectomy that gay man in Canada can get Hep A and B vaccination are free. The injection site must be in a muscle mass but for some reason it can't be in the bum. I count this as proof of the existence of a divine being.

6. Friends are a wonderful thing. Friends who will spend their day off with you while you go for an operation and whine about it are truly wonderful.

5. I plan to get a great deal of writing done over the next couple of days. Hopefully I am successful at it.

4. Two Weeks without sex or masturbation is going to suck and yes I will be blogging about it.

3. The new video game Batman Arkham Asylum is a great way to spend recouvery. If your are not blogging about the experience.

2. Doctors or nurses will not let you bring a cell phone into a procedure room to Twitter.

1. As the procedure started the doctor had to shave away some hair. The thought that went through my head was as follows - If it is done with to small incisions why does he need to shave the whole thing?

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1 comment:

Lynda said...

My hubby had to go under general anesthetic when he had his vasectomy, as he's epileptic!