Thursday 27 August 2009

Well it is done

For those of you who don't follow my every Twitter (Shame on you) the Vasectomy is done. I was able to count three separate needles going in for freezing. It was an interest experience and perhaps the strangest way I've spent twenty minutes in my life. Almost certainly the only time I have let a strange man who I have only met once shave my balls without buying dinner first.

As it sits right now I am at home, legs spread, with the laptop balanced on one leg. I am most curious to see how this will work out in the end and just how much pain I will go through as the freezing wheres off. Which by the way it has already begun to do. There is much experimentation to go as to what is the best positions to sit and at some point to sleep. I must also admit a certain amount of curiosity about how much of an adventure going Pee will be.

As I mentioned in my last Twitter Jeeves now has his own blog. I would encourage everyone to stop by and drop him a comment of thanks for getting me there and back safe and sound.

Also please enjoy Today Vastetomy Themed Thursday 13


Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Congrats on the nip! Im glad things went smoothly and the doctor had a steady hand.

dreaming in maine said...

Grats! My husband and I are reading with particular interest, as we're thinking about going down the same road. Good luck with a speedy recovery!