Saturday 29 August 2009


I've mentioned a couple of times over the summer that we have been gardening. I've also kept a tracker of our harvest so far in the upper right hand corner of the page. Thursday night my wife and a friend whose been helping with the garden decided it would be a good time to harvest. Needless to say I walked about and helped a little but kept the heavy lifting to a minimum. Thankfully cameras are very light #:o)

So I snapped a few pictures to share with my readers.

This was the first Potatoe plant pulled. We thought at first that it hadn't worked out.

Then we realized that we just had to dig deeper

That was our Potatoe Harvest

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dreaming in maine said...

Wow! How many pieces of tomatoe did you plant to get that many in return? I'd love to try my hand at potatoes as well, so I'm curious what the piece-to-yield is!