Friday 20 March 2009

A day without a stolen car

So this morning I woke and turned on the news while I got ready for work. My eye was caught by a piece of news as it scrolled across the ticker bar.

"On March 4th no cars were stolen"

I was sure I had read it wrong the first time so I paid a bit more attention and sure enough there is was again. I thought it was a little odd that no crime was news and figured maybe it was someone at the station playing around a little or had miss typed something.

Then I get off the bus for work and see the local newspaper, the Winnipeg Sun. A full page colour picture with the caption 'Thieves Shut Out.' Once I saw that I just had to read the article. Apparently on March 4th no cars were stolen in Winnipeg. This was the first time that had happened in decades. Yes I said decades. Apparently crime is so bad that the lack of crime has become news.

The article in the paper spun things in a way to say that it was proof that the anti-car theft campaigns were working. I ony hope that is the case, because I really don't like my odds of keeping my car otherwise.

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