Monday 23 March 2009

A Writer's Space

So I started a new book called "A Writer's Space" the basic idea of the book is to help the reader create a physical and a mental space that is conductive to write within. I've only read the first chapter so far and it seems like it will be a pretty interesting book. The biggest challenge about it so far for me is some of the questions at the end of the first chapter. See each chapter comes with a set of questions to help you develop the space you need so what I'll be doing is posting those questions and my answers to the blog as I work my way through them...

Answers to follow later when I figure them out..

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BloggerChick said...

Hey - I almost bought that book yesterday. Instead I bought the NaNoWriMo Guide book and then started browsing the forums, found the Winnipeg group, and then found you. :)

You'll have to tell us how it was. :)

And I hope I'll see you at Nanowrimo this year.