Sunday 19 October 2008

Writing update

Sorry again that things have been so quiet as of late n the blog front. My energies have been almost completely focused on finishing the 'Horror Frost' project. At this point I need to find about 80 more words to cut or so. Then its one last read through for grammar and just general organization and then it is off to the publisher.

All things considered am not overly happy with the finished product. Having cut it down to less then 5000 the story looses a lot of its meaning and finer details. I honestly think the story was at it's best between 7500 and 8000 words. Am not really sure if I've even said anything about the plot of the story. I can't post the whole story because I want to be able to publish it as a short story. But I'll try and give a little bit of a synopsis.

Up in northern Canada a researcher is doing taking a low flight over the Drunken Trees along with two other passengers and the pilot. Something is trapped inside the permafrost and the global warming is melting it and helps it escape. Story deals with their experience and what they do to deal with what was trapped in the ground.

Sorry no excerpts.

The rest of my time is being spent getting ready for Nano. More on that another time. My plan is to continue with daily updates through out the month of November.


Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll ever be able to publish it at around 7500-8000 words later on? It always sucks when you have to cut down stuff to fit deadlines. I never did that with just writing, but for projects I had to do for school sometimes it was just painful to try and make it smaller because I felt so many things would be missing.

Screw word limits! Lol

- Stef

Randilin said...

Well the plan is to submit it at 5000 words as of this friday. If I get a no back from them then at that point I will revisit the 8000 word version and start submitting that to different houses and magazines