Friday 24 October 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Some where along the way I've made a horrible mistake... I've allowed time to pass and I've never really put any effort or thought in to stopping it. I know how sily of me huh? In fact so much time has passed that I've figure as of today I've lived about a third of my life. Now from what I recall of what my mom has told me I was born sometime around 10 30 am 33 years ago. Which is pretty much this extact moment as I write this sentence, I may be an hour off because of day light saves time and such am not really sure.

Now don't get me wrong I have no problems with the fact that one third of my life is over no matter how depressing it may sound when said that way. After all if I've lived a third of my life and it has taken this long and my life continues to get better on a regular basis. I have to assume the next two thirds of my life are going to be completely amazing..

So it's a new year in a week (its a pagan thing) and its a new year of my life today. so my commitment to all of you is 5 posts a week to my blog. They may be short, they may just be a photo or video but there will be five of them per week. I encourage every one to comment on things as they read. I know it inspires me to write more so that is helpful.

So a bit more about the future. I've been realizing more and more over the past few months just how unhappy I am in present job. Pretty much the only this it has going for it is the pay scale, is stupid hair for what I do in comparision to what the majority of other companies would be paying me to do the same work. Even the benifits we get our sad when compared to those offered by a number of other companies I am familiar with. So because of that I am starting to explore other options. A part of me would like to goto school and become a teacher, a part of me just wants a job in a different field, apart of me just wants to transfer to a different department, and a part of me just wants to stop whining about my job and suck it up. The end result of it all is am looking but not that hard and am trying to figure things out.

It's strange this birthday more than any other in the past has made me reflective. As I look back over my life I really can't help but smile. I've done and accomplished a lot in my time on this little blue green marbel we call Earth. I've raised two girls, I've bought a house, I've traveled, althought not in a long time, I've done a lot of interesting things and have some truely amazing friends. As an aside we need to start traveling more, I miss it.

So I just got off the phone with my wife who commented that the whole third of my life being done was depressing. So am going to stop at this point, I honestly hope this post doesn't come across as depressing because am really not depressed about turning 33. In fact in many ways it feels liberating.

thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy the blog going forward.


KrisMrsBBradley said...

Happy Birthday!

It wasn't until my mid-thirties that I grew to be really comfortable in my own skin, and really not give a crap about what other people thought.

Thirties are great! Enjoy them!

Oh, and thanks for the shout out on the podcast! That was so cool!

Randilin said...

Thanks for the kind b-day words

No worries you totally deserve it. Tell the world, tell them all to listen.. and feel free to comment on the podcasts blog as well

Freak Magnet said...

I think birthdays definitely cause us to look back and analyze all that has been. Turn forward again though, and smile at the sun in the day sky and the moon at night!

Beverly said...

Greetings Randilin! My first visit to your blog and so excited to meet another Libra ~ happy belated birthday! And take it from someone who knows ~ I was just recently reminded my life is at least half over (I'm 49 now). It's what you do with the rest of it that really matters! )O(