Thursday 18 September 2008

A Double Dose of Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I like about my Job

In the past couple weeks I've been cranky about my job and not enjoying it as much as I could. So this first Thursday Thirteen will be focused the positive things about my job and the company I work for.

1.... Co-workers - They are friendly and funny, even if we really have nothing in common with each other.

2.... Pay cheque - considering what it is that I do for a living I get paid very well for it by comparison to other people in the same field.

3.... Helping People - From time to time we do get a call from someone who we are honestly able to help out and things that much better for them.

4.... Hours - 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5 on Saturday those our my departments hours of operation and it leaves things pretty wide open for the evenings and Saturdays work out to be about once every 5 or 6 weeks

5.... My Desk - Unlike some other call centres I have worked in I have my own desk. I have a few pictures up and the job aids I want hanging from my cubical.

6.... The Customers - Some of them drive me up the wall while others just make me want to laugh. A great example are the people who are moving the same day they call me and just don't understand why we can not move their TV, Internet and Phone on the same day when they move in to a house that has never had service before. Another good example are the people who have moved out in to the country and get upset when they learn they won't be able to have all the services they had in the city.

7.... Boredom - This is not a much of a problem for me. I handle 3 different lines of business talking to people about there Home Phone, Internet and Television and am expected to know about all of them. Thankfully am a big fan of 2 of the 3 of them as well.

8.... Decision making - In my current department (A Retention department) we have free rein on what we can do for customers in order to the keep them. Within reason and some broad guidelines. In other departments they have to get permission to do anything over a certain amount.

9.... Being able to Resolve things - If a customer ends up in my department we have the ability to resolve the problem, either by dealing with it ourselves or arranging for them to receive a call back.

10.. Problem Solving - This goes hand in hand with #8 and #9 each call offers a different set of problems and a different set of variables. We are expected to puzzle it out and solve the problem.

11.. Management - All things considered I have a supportive team of managers above me. I only report to one of them directly and she has been very supportive.

12.. Changes - I've kind of covered this already with a few of the other points but to put it simply each and ever call I take is a little different in one way or another.

13... Here is a bunch of extras that are not so much about my job or the company I work for but they are pluses. I have regular and good Internet access from my desk, I'm able to work on notes and write between calls, my office is near a major bus route and stop and I can read at my desk, Oh and from time to time am able to Blog between calls.

As promised its a Double Shot
Thursday Thirteen Take 2

Thirteen Things My Current Projects

1.... HorrorFrost - A short story that is currently in the second draft as I work through the corrections and editing my wonder Editor has found so far. Dead line for this is Oct 15th. Since I have plans for submitting this as part of a short story submission call am not posting any details or bits for people read.

2.... NANOWRIMO Prep - I have what I think is a really interesting and fun project in mind for NANO this year. The one down side to the plan is that it does require a fair amount of prep work and thanks to HorrorFrost I have a very limited time frame to do it in. More on this as the project develops

3.... Magical Earth - A new Podcast am working on details will be announced shortly with the first episode. Until then Shhhhhh

4.... Organizing the House - We've been working room by room through the house trying to get things more organized. Its been a slow on going project that from time to time shows great leaps in completion. While other times just hangs there with no new change.

5.... Scheduling - This goes along with #4 our lives are stupid busy from time to time and we often need ways of keeping track of everything to ensure we do all that we need to get done in a given time frame.

6.... Reading through the Honour Harrington series - A few friends have been telling me how good these books are for years but I've never read them. Now am working on getting through the whole series. I'm currently on book 8 of there series and I started in early August. The series is great and I would recommend it to everyone.

7.... SMOFCast - The Fannish podcast which hasn't had a new episode since June. Sadly this has fallen on to the back burner and is hanging on by a thread.

8.... Among Us - This is the writing project I will turning my attention back to once NANOWRIMO is done. It is a story about the Divine being on Earth.

9.... Lose Weight - This has been an on going project since last January that has seriously flattered over the summer. Now I want to work to getting it back on track.

10.. Blog - I want to do more with my own blog and write more entries and share more information it is just been a matter of time.

11.. Pagan Bloggers Network - About 6 months ago I set up the start of the great network and slowly but surely people have been joining it. But now is the time to do something more with it and make it something bigger.

12.. Bowling - I'm a part of a Wednesday night bowling league with my wife and a couple of friends. My project there is to maintain my Average or at least maintain an average that keeps me in the top 5 bowlers in the league.

13.. Work - I'm working on improving my own stats at work so that when I see a better position that would get me off the phones that I can work towards getting and have a better chance of being accepted for the position

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