Tuesday 8 April 2008

The Pagan Blogger's Network

Anyone with a blog that wants to join the newly formed Pagan Blogger's Network please just comment here and include this graphic on your blog linking back to this post. I'll be posting a list of all the blogs taking part at the bottom of this message. It's a great opportunity for us all to share our thoughts and ideas while working towards building a large pagan network. But it will only work if we all take part.

Just a couple of things that people should know when they apply to join. I don't update the comments on this thread every day. Sometimes it will take a few days for your name to appear on the list. Also when I do add people I always check their site. If I can't find the Logo on your blog I won't be adding you. A couple times a month I get someone wanting to added but who doesn't add the banner and I have to be fair to those who do. So please link back to us with the banner.


Changes in how to be added to the Pagan Blogger's Network -

So during the most recent updates to the blogs listed in the Pagan Bloggers Network I discouvered something. Blogger has a cap to how many comments can be associated with a single post, its was roughly 214 posts. So in order to update the list I had no choice but to remove old comments.

To prevent this from happening again I'm changing the way things work here. If you wish to be added to the Pagan Bloggers Network please e-mail
This will make updates a lot faster while you wait I'd be grateful if you'd comment on another post or two.

  1. Between the Ticks
  2. A Heathen's Day
  3. Bringing Up Salamanders
  4. Meta Pagans
  5. Howling Hills
  6. Another Ravan Perch
  7. Coffee House Studio
  8. Where I am, Knitting is also
  9. tinkerbell
  10. Centaur Cunningman Journey
  11. Stir the Claudron
  12. Owl's Wings
  13. The Scared Space
  14. Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom
  15. Whisperings on the wind
  16. The Holy Dark
  17. Hedge Raven
  18. Flight of the Fnordomancer
  19. The Kentucky Kitchen Witch Circle
  20. That Grrl
  21. Pagan Witch
  22. Witchy Mama
  23. Diana's Muse
  24. Rocky Mountain Druidry
  25. Everything & Nothing
  26. Inner Musings of An Eclectic Pagan
  27. Words of a Witchy Woman
  28. The Witchy Kitchen
  29. A Crafty Witch
  30. Goddess a Day
  31. The Magical Earth Podcast
  32. Draco's Rose
  33. Hedge and Hearth
  34. Free Spells Daily
  35. The Unnamed Path
  36. Geek Witch Podcast
  37. A Pagan Tapestry
  38. Woodland Witch
  39. The Mad Hexer
  40. Chasing Domestic Bliss
  41. Between the Worlds
  42. Crafty Witch Shop
  43. Get Witchified Podcast
  44. Shamaness
  45. Hedgewitch Hollow
  46. Aelwyns Halloween
  47. A Witches Way
  48. Metis Butterfly
  49. Sit for a spell with Suntiger
  50. The Pagan Side
  51. Bohos by the Sea
  52. Consonants and vowels
  53. Reflections in the Pond
  54. Wiccan Woman
  55. Strength of Spirit
  56. The Sacred Oak News Letter
  57. Wyzwmn's World
  58. Osun's Corner
  59. The Sea Priestess
  60. Aradia Rants & Raves
  61. Ariel
  62. Wings of Wax
  63. Wyrdwood Publications
  64. Live from the Red Leather Couch
  65. Abarra ca Pocus
  66. English Pagan in Canada
  67. Pagan Librarian
  68. Magic in these Hills
  69. Neopagan Ink
  70. Confessions of a Kitchen Witch
  71. iPod Witch podcast
  72. Midnight
  73. Mrs. Flam
  74. Chrysalis: One Witches Journey
  75. Mylissa Nameton
  76. Daily Meditation
  77. Fate does not seek our consent
  78. Jupiter's Kitty Korner
  79. Lost In The Attic
  80. Tarot Healing by Lisa
  81. Lizzies Logic
  82. Amethystiana
  83. Sari0009
  84. Nicoles's Blog
  85. The Eclectic Witch
  86. Enchanted World of a Rambling Rose
  87. Sprouts, Pots and Candle Sticks
  88. finding the goddess within
  89. Lady Jayne's Book of Shadows
  90. Iridecent Dark
  91. The Frugal Pagan
  92. Rivergarth
  93. Rowan's Magickal Space
  94. Cattra Shadow's Magickal World
  95. 2 Witches Blog
  96. Artist Witch
  97. Celestial Veracity
  98. Moonsong
  99. SpiritWitch's Homeschool Blog
  100. Crafty Celtic Cutie
  101. Candles & Wicks
  102. Dragon petals
  103. Greek witch
  104. Hedgewitch Inn
  105. Moonlit Meadows
  106. Inciting a Riot
  107. Fallen Angels & Hidden Demons
  108. Beautifully complicated
  109. Pumpkins and Toadstools
  110. Magic Happens
  111. Witchy living blog
  112. Get out of the Broom Closet
  113. Pagan Israelophile
  114. Pensive Pathways of Growth
  115. Ravynes Rants
  116. My Pagan Heart
  117. The Witchmoot
  118. Daughter of Demeter
  119. Blog of a Sea Witch
  120. Tales of a Wandering Witch
  121. Musings of a Priestess Warrior
  122. Tales from a Teenage Wasteland
  123. Pagan Culture
  124. Lady Grace DreamWeaver
  125. Wicca for Everyone
  126. Infinite & Beyond Podcast
  127. the infinite and the beyond
  128. Confessions of a teenage witch
  129. A College Girl's Days
  130. Shadow Moon of Luna
  131. The Pathway to Enlightenment
  132. Alpine Senctum
  133. Ravenoak
  134. Moonstonemusings
  135. Pentacles and Pavement
  136. Jupiter's Corner
  137. One Witch's Way
  138. Seeking Sanctuary
  139. The Hedge Witch's Garden
  140. Chasing The Moon
  141. Akina's Reflections
  142. Siren Says
  143. 100% Witch
  144. Dreaming, Daring and Doing
  145. Crazy Squirrel Lady
  146. From Jupiter
  147. One Witch's Way
  148. Blog de Ramblage
  149. Shimmering Ways
  150. Vanis Thoughts
  151. Chronicles of the Elfwench
  152. The Green World of the Gods
  153. An Seanchas Fior
  154. Lost in Astral Space
  155. The Blues Studios
  156. The Pagan Garden
  157. Witch Trials
  158. Autumn's Year and a Day
  159. Jackals Path
  160. Tori's Path
  161. After enlightenment, the dishes
  162. Rita Spiritual Goods
  163. Butterflies and Breezes
  164. Magical Musings
  165. Dreaming of Rosemary
  166. The Kora Chronicles
  167. An Seanchas Fior
  168. Minnesota Pagan
  169. Wicca Moms
  170. Loving the moon in Scottsdale
  171. Witch Haven News
  172. BroomCloset Witch
  173. Witchful Thinking
  174. Witchy Ways
  175. Wax & Pins - Cofessions of an Intolerant Witch
  176. My Magical Musing
  177. Naked in the Closet
  178. Another Pagan Blog
  179. Heartsease Hollow
  180. The Cauldron Bubbles
  181. End in Dreams
  182. Ramblings of a Newbie Pagan
  183. Ramblings of a Scattered Bibliophile
  184. Closet Magick
  185. Memoirs of a Crazy Witch
  186. Ramblings of a Domestic Goddess
  187. Hippie Witch
  188. Paganing
  189. Modern Day Väinämöinen
  190. Witch path to take
  191. Eclectic Musings from my Armchair
  192. Twilight Windchimes
  193. Wiccan Friend
  194. Goddess Blessed
  195. Love of the Goddess
  196. Mama Feoneafey's KitchenWitchen World
  197. Faerie Fox
  198. Moon Beam Soy Candles
  199. Spelled with a W
  200. My Wiccan Wonderland
  201. Octobers Farm
  202. Of Oak and Ivy
  203. Josh
  204. Brea's Air
  205. Oshuyn's Journey
  206. Magickal Happenings with Oshuyn
  207. Notes from a Gentle Heart
  208. Rainbow Medicine Lodge
  209. Minty's Mumblings
  210. A Pagan without a path
  211. A girl called Woo
  212. Randomness with the Whiting's
  213. What the Blog
  214. Eat My Pagan A$$
  215. Cat in the Moon
  216. Cat in the Pumpkin Moon
  217. Spell Bynders
  218. A Witch's Muse
  219. Crafty Goddess
  220. The Witching Hour
  221. Confessions of a Born Again Witch
  222. Arcadian Spirit
  223. A College Witch's Experiences
  224. Disabled Witch
  225. Meadowsweet & Myrrh
  226. Silver in the Water / Fire in the Head
  227. Go Out Beneath the Naked Night
  228. the Mad Angry Pagan
  229. Songs from the Wood
  230. Wandering in the Elven Wood
  231. Ramblings of a Domestic Goddess
  232. Our Little Acron
  233. The Wild Garden
  234. Full Moon Astrology
  235. Pagan Home Steader
  236. Pagan Rod
  237. Diamond in the Rough
  238. Amethystiana
  239. The Four Realms


Randilin said...

Thanks Indrani, it seems to be working fairly well.

<a href="" target="_blank">

then have the graphic's code here


Hopefully this work and helps you.

Unbalanced Libra said...

I love this idea and I have already added the graphic to my site, which is Witchy Mama

Diana Luciano said...

I like the graphic and appreciate the effort you are putting forth. We can't have too many networks!

Unknown said...


My blog is

I would appreciate it if you would add it.


Esmeralda Bohemian said...

It's a pleasure to be on board~

Brightest blessings~

Esmeralda Bohemian said...

ok, sorry, I'm not very good with computers, how do I add the image & link?


Newrose said...

I've added the image to my blog and would like to be added to the list :) My site is

Blessed be

Wendy.B said...

I have added your network image to my blog and linked it here, My blog link is

Thanks in advance

Stop by for a Spell said...

Thanks for the opportunity to let others know about our blog! Please add

Will be adding your image/link straightaway.


Dr. E. said...

I'm adding your graphic link right now and would love for you to add my blog/podcast to your list.


Tahlea Moonwater said...

Thank you for your email today, and I'd love to join as a member for the PBN.

Thanks and blessings,

Celestite said...

I would love to join the Network.
I put a link on my list of links to podcasts and blogs. I am IT challenged so I would need the code to make the logo into a link. If you have that I will put it up.
Thanks for doing this.


Unknown said...

Hello I have just started my witch related blog
I would love it if you could add me also.
Have linked back too ^^

Anonymous said...

I added the graphic to my blog..

Jen said...

I've added your link. I really enjoy Magical Earth!
Please add me to your list and keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

I have added the graphic to my blog as well and would love to be listed. I'm just relaunching the blog so it will be growing over the next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, hope my entry won't be listed twice now. I don't think it worked first time round so I will try it again.

Hello everybody,
I would like to join too. I have already added the link back to this page. You can find me at:

Crafty Witch

Unknown said...

I just listened to your first podcast. Great show. I look forward to more.

I would love to join the network and added the graphic to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Please add me to the list. My blog is at:



Anonymous said...

Adding the graphic to Hedgewitch Hollow (and likely my other blogs as well).

Unknown said...

Count me in....Brightest Blessings ~

Matt said...

I'm a new blogger, but I would like to join this ring. Not at all sure how to add the icon/button, but I will try to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to request to join.

Dessa said...

I would love to join in. My blog is A Witches Way and can be found at I am off to post the button now.

Anonymous said...

hi there!
Please add my blog to the network:


SunTiger said...

Hello! I blog about everything Pagan and Psychic at
{Uploaded your hyperlink and photo there.}

I also just launched CyberCoven (open to new members)!

and I manage: for a group I volunteer with.

Bobby Kearan said...

Adding graphic to The Pagan Side.

Shirl said...

This is a fine idea: adding your graphic to my page now.

Thanks for doing this ... :0)

... said...

This is a really great idea! I am glad you thought of it! ;)

Heather said...

A great idea. I've added the icon to my blog at (not the Stitching Lotus blog that this idea is tied to though, since that is for my crafting posts).

Thank you for putting this together.

Elienne said...

What a wonderful resource! I'd love to be included!

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I was afraid that you might not still be doing this, since the post was in April. Just bookmarked the page so I can come back and visit everyone!

I also posted about this really neat idea; thanks for taking the initiative!

Willow Forrestall said...

Hi I would like to be included as well!

WyzWmn© said...

I'd love to be added!

I've added the icon to my blog

Bright Blessings!

RetroKali said...

Love the idea....thanks.

chief musickhead said...

New here and I want to join! Here is my url:

My name is Dina and my blog is called OSHUN'S CORNER. I also have a networking site for Witchy, Conscious women of African Descent called EVERYDAY GODDESSES and the link is posted on my blog


HippieAtHeart said...

I think this is a great idea and would like to join the group.

HippieAtHeart said...

I am also fairly new to this site so I don't know how to add the link to this blog onto my blog....any tips?

Unknown said...

Hello please include me on your list! www.seapriestess.blogspot I have already added the graphic to my page. I am a Trad Witch in Hampshire UK. Be blessed,

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Aradia and my blog is called, "Aradia Rants & Raves".



Dulci Bard said...

Thank you so much for doing this for the community!

Our site is located at

Your logo/link is on the "Podcasts and Blogs" link section of the site.

Blessed Be!

WingsofWax said...

Dude! I am one pagan dude who'd love to share his blog!

Wyrdwood Publications said...

Hi hun,

Great idea, your logo is now up on my blog!


DarklyFey said...

Oh, hey! Me, please!

WyzWmn© said...

I've just put your logo on my newest blog!

Edain said...

Hi Randilin!

Please add my new blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the opportunity! I've posted the graphic and link on my blog!

Livia Indica said...

Count me in! For both the magic and ink blogs!

Jen said...

What a lovely idea..Here is my blog *Confessions of a Kitchen Witch* at

Brook said...

I just added the logo on my blog. Here is the link to it:

iPod Witch podcast

Mrs Flam said...

Glad to find it :)

Midnight said...

Hi! My blog is in Norwegian. Is that a problem? =)

Geoffrey D. Stewart said...


Great idea you've got there and interesting site! My name is Pax, and my blog is

Chrysalis: One Witches Journey

I am adding the link up A.S.A.P

Geoffrey D. Stewart said...


Cool site and great Idea!

Pax here my blog is

Chrysalis: One Witches Journey

am adding the logo right now!

Mylissa said...

Hi, I think this is a great idea!
I'd love to join too. My site is

I've tried to add the image and link, but I'm technologically incompetent and haven't managed it. please could I have some help?! I've put a link on my site in the interim.


Midnight said...

Hi, yes you are absolutly right. My post had nothing to do with the pagan blogger network. I call myself a wiccan, but i don't write much about that in my blog. I don't know if you have any rules about that or not?

Windsong said...

Good idea!
I'd like to join with my blog:


Anonymous said...

I would love to join!

Lisa Frideborg said...

I've linked to you now. Thanks for letting me join this network!
BB, Lisa

Unknown said...

Jupiter's Kitty Korner

Thanks for this!

The Morning Star said...

I would love to join please!

Lisa Frideborg said...

Banner and link up over at

Cheers! :)

Unknown said...

Love this idea, more education is so needed!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to join the list.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I just put your graphic on my blog and linked back to this page.

Unknown said...

I would like to join

this is the link to my blog

EmberRose said...

I love the idea of this. Networking is a really great thing that's often overlooked.

I will attach the banner tomorrow. (The pc I'm on is junk.)

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I'd like to be a part of this.

Anonymous said...

My graphic is up at Please add me to your blogroll!
Peace, out!

Kayla Garnet Rose said...

Thanks for creating the web & Blessed be!

Manerva said...

I would LOVE to join the ring...well I've already added the logo and the link back.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Idea...gladly added your banner:

Jayne said...

Wow!A fantastic idea! I would love to join.


Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

Count me in! x

Barefoot Jax said...

Such agreat idea and I'd feel honoured if my site: could be added to this marvelous venture.
Wish you all th ebest and here's raising a big old glass to Pagan unity!
MysticRaven )O(

Sarah said...


You said to comment! Commenting! Going to add the button now!!

Morning Angel said...

Do, please, add Rivergarth to your list. Going now to add the network button. Thank you.

Mhairead said...

I am not sure how the link will work, newbie here but I want to support this way of networking so hear I am.

Rowan LeBoutillier said...

I just happened upon this site. I love all the other Pagan blogs on here. Please include mine, it's fairly new here. I'm working on it daily. Here's my link:

Blessed Be )O(

Lady Cat said...

Such a great idea and I'd feel honoured if my site:

Could be added to this Pagan Network.

Blessed Be,
Cattra Shadow )O(

Rowan LeBoutillier said...

Hi, I changed the name of my blog from Rowan's Magickal Space to Candles & Wicks. Just thought I'd let you know. The new URL is

)O( Rowan

Alpine Sanctum said...

I added your logo just now. :)

greekwitch said...

Hi! I am such a newbie blogger! I can't create the link. I saw what you said to Indrani but it could n't help. Sorry, but i don't get it.. I copied the shorcut on my add a gadget choice in my blog but there is no picture and you have to copy the code to come here. If you can explain how i can do it, please do. I would love to be a part of this community. My blog is Brightest blessings

Celeste Heldstab said...

I Have a blog called the Hedgewitch Inn.

Myth, magick and mirth...c'mon by and sta a spell.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be added. Thanks.

Moonlit Meadows

Fire Lyte said...

My blog is

I've added the link and logo!



Catriona Palin said...

What a great network!

I'l love to be added. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love it if you'd add my blog!



Sheena said...

What a lot of work you've taken on for yourself. Thank-you.
Mine is a new blog, so not much content yet, but we shall see.

Michel said...

Hi, I've added the link to my blog:

I think this is a great idea, and would love to be added to the list.

Blessings, Michel x

Anonymous said...

Hi there! adding the graphic to my page now! would love to join the community!

my site is

Cairelle Perilloux said...

I've added the tag to my blog. Great idea! :-)

Michel said...

Hi, I have added the link to my page and would love to be on the list. My blog is:

thanks and blessings, Michel :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi....i have the largest witch collection in existence and after many years of collecting have decided to share with everyone interested. i have been posting pics on my blog. some are in my archives. i will post anything that interests you. if it has ever been out there i have it. i also have many many custom items that are interesting. please take a look and ask if there is anything you want to see!

enjoy and hope to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

would love to be part of the network!

Magic Happens ~ a mystikmaiden blog

Anonymous said...

Great idea and just terrific how many already participated! I'd love to take part.

my blog:


Leandra Witchwood said...

Yes please include me in your network. I always enjoy reading the thoughts and ideals from other Pagans.

Here is the link to my blog!

Brightest Blessings!

Ravyne said...

Hello! I have added your banner on my blog. Thank you for the add!

M. said...

This is a great idea. My page is


M. said...

Robin said...

Please at The Witchmoot!

Your banner is up and waiting.
Thanks. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!
I'd love to join the group, just added the link to my blogroll ;)

Bright Blessings,

Avarra said...

great idea, just put the link on my blogroll ;)
bright blessings,

EelKat said...

I've just added the banner link to my side bar, plus I wrote a post linking back to this one, AND I've added each of the blogs on this list to my blog roll as well.

I've got a bunch of different blogs, I think 7 or 8 via this profile account, but only one of them if specifically pagan themed, so to save you the trouble of having to search through each of my blogs to find the right one, I'm also including the actual URL in this post so you know which of my blogs is the one I'm adding to this list:

Thanks for creating this list and adding my blog to it.

Ravenstar said...

I am excited to add my blog to the network.

Unknown said...

This is an awesome idea.

I added you.

Please add me:

Thank you!

Bia' Aletheia said...

I want to join your Pagan Blog Network. How do I put your logo on my site!

Bia' Aletheia

Bia' Aletheia said...

I want to join this blogroll please. This is an awsome idea!

Thank you for your considerations!

Bia' Aletheia

Nyx said...

This is a great idea.
I've added the logo.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Please add me to bunch!

Grace Dreamweaver said...

What a fabulous community. I would be honored to join.

Lady Grace DreamWeaver

Rebecca said...

Hello All!
Great idea and site!
My blog address is

I will add this site and icon to mine as well.
Thank you!
Hoi Sum

Christopher Orapello said...


I added your banner to my show website and to the show blogsite.

Thanks! :-)

Sparrow Meadowsong said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thalia Cross said...

I've put up the banner. Please add me?

Long, I know. Sorry.

P.S. I think this network is amazing. It's been quite the lifesaver, and I admire your efforts. I'd be very glad to be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

I loved this idea. I just added the link. Having a place where we can find other pagans: great idea ! Blessed be )O(

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i forgot the link
Thank you very much. Blessed be.

Dancing With Fey said...

I'd love to join. :)

Dancing With Fey said...

Oh, I didn't leave my link, did I?

By the way, I tried checking out Shamaness (#44) on the list of blogs, and it wasn't there. You might want to check that out.

Shadow Moon said...

I just started a blog
please add! ;)

Anonymous said...

Please add me :D

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!!

Ravenoak said...

Great idea, I've added the link to my blog

Moonstones said...

Agree with everyone, I am having a great time reading everyones blogs. Could you please add mine to the list

THank you

Dragon said...

This is a brilliant idea and I am happy to see the online Pagan community finding so many ways to get connected. I've added the banner to my site and would like to be added to the list. My site is Hopefully our connections online will help us to build stronger and more connected communities in the real world too.

Ravenoak said...

I'd love to be added, the badge is on my blog!

Unknown said...

Love this idea!

Unknown said...

Another day another blog!

I have officially moved from my previously listed blog "Between The Worlds" to a new blog hosted by a friend. Please list my new blog and I'll be putting the badge on it right away!

The new blog is:
One Witch's Way

Thanks and Blessings!

Jennifer said...

Please add me to this list, Such a great Idea!

Isabella LeCour said...

I would be honored to be added. Badge is already on site.

Seeking Sanctuary

Thank you

Mariko said...

This is great, I'll sign up, as well as check out some of the other blogs!!!

Hilary said...

I would love to be added. You're badge is on my blog.

Akina said...

Great idea! Would love to join, and have added the logo :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely idea and thank you for your generosity!

Debbie Sp said...

I've put up a graphic/link to this and I'd love to be on the list! ^_^ Pagans unite!

dreaming in maine said...

I would love to join the pagan blogger's network! I'm a pagan homeschooling mom and look forward to connecting with others!


Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

I would LOVE to join! I am adding the graphic to my blog right now.

Anonymous said...

Count me in!

Unknown said...

lol..I SWEAR this is the last change I'm making to my listing! :) I had to move my blog to its own server and therefore, have a new URL. So my blog, One Witch's Way, is no longer at but is now at it's NEVER moving again. Honest. :)

Unknown said...

Love this network, what a great idea. I added your badge and linked it up.

aka Chronicles of the Elfwench

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

I mistakenly thought I added the button on my blog and realized that it wasnt there.So I have it posted now and I am resubmitting my request to be put on this list.
Sorry about that.

Unknown said...

I am new to blogging, and would love to be added to this list :) Will be having a perusal of others' blogs soon!

The banner is on the right hand side of my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would appreciate it if you would link to my blog, Vanic Thoughts. I have added the logo in my sidebar.

Thanks for this service to the Pagan communities! It's appreciated.


Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

I have left 2 comments here and have gotten no response.It has been almost 2 weeks, it not more, that I have messaged you and I am still not added to the list.I would like it if you could contact me and let me know if I do not fit in with your list so I can remove the graphic from my page and not bother you again.I look forward to your response.

Finn said...

Hi! I'd like to be added.

Thanks a bunch, and I'll have the image up as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

YAY! :) This is great! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would like if you included my blog on the list

The Traveler said...

I would love to join this group. This is an awesome idea. Here is the link to my page, already got the button there =)

~*L*~ said...

MM, I've added your banner and would love to be a part of this!

Blessings to you and yours!

Alorelith Rose said...

i have posted the image as well as a link back to your site. my address is

Thank you for visiting the Pagan Garden and for considering us to be added to your webring.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've added the image to my blog, and would love to be included in this project!

Rick D. said...

I would like to add my blog as well; Midnight at the Crossroads! I have included the banner on my site. It's at:

Rebeless said...

Cool! I found a great new resource. I'll support you if you support me... lol. All Things Pagan Blogspot - Reviews, discussions (tirades) of books, movies, TV shows, etc.

Waben said...

I have your button on my blog and I'd like to join, check me out!


Tori said...

I've added the image/link to my blog. This is a wonderful idea.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'd like to be added!

After Enlightenment, the Dishes

Rita’s Spiritual Goods said...


I have added you to my front page....



Wendy.B said...

I have moved my blog, freshened it up and renamed it. It was Hedge and Hearth. It is still a pagan blog with the same content and would love it to be listed here.
Its Butterflies and Breezes

Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

I don't think i signed up before and I have a new blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Randilin! I've changed the title of my blog, would you mind changing the name of 136. Jupiter's Corner to Carnelian Chronicles, I'd really appreciate it :)

greekwitch said...

Oh and of course i would love to be a member! I forgot to mention that!
Brightest blessings.

Wendy said...

So nice to be here and so lovely to now have the graphic on my blog:

In love, light and laughter,

Finn said...

I think I emailed you to be added, and totally forgot to comment here! : P I've had the banner up on my site for a while.



Unknown said...

I've posted the link and image in our footer at

EatMyPaganAss said...

Sounds like a plan. Gonna put it on the Eat My Pagan Ass podcast site now! (


Carmen & Lucky

The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

I'd love to join the network, here's my URL

It would be my pleasure to add your button to my blog. Could I trouble you to post the html info below it? That's the only way I know how to add it to the widget in my blog... if there's another way, which there obviously is, please let me know!


Danise said...

I would love to be added... my site is I think I added your logo, but new at this so not sure what to do.

Gwen Wolfrose said...

What a wonderful service!
My url is:

I have added the banner. Not much content yet since were switching over from a different system.

Gwen Wolfrose

Anonymous said...


For your consideration Broomcloset Witch. I've added your logo to the sidebar

Thanks for this service, I've found some great blogs from the list!

~ Jen

Jamie Freeman Tarot said...

Hi! Great service you have here! Please add my blog

I'd love to put your graphic on!

Anonymous said...

We think this is really amazing and we'd be honored to be a part of it.
Blessed be!!!

Witch's Brew

Amanda said...

Great idea. My blog is Witchy Ways at

Matt Rowan said...

This is certainly something I'd like to be involved with :)
Great to see so many interesting blogs in one place!

Stella Seaspirit said...

Fantastic idea! I've added your banner

Clandestiny said...

This is one huge list and I'd love to be a part of it too! I'll have the banner up right after I click "publish" here. Find me at

Rhi said...


Dessa said...

Please add my blog to the list...and I will add your button.

Heartsease Hollow

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just began my new blog dedicated to Wicca.

A Wild Heart

Anonymous said...

I've added the banner! I'd love to join!

Anne said...

I added the graphic~

Thanks much :)

J said...

Hello, I'm fairly new to both being Pagan and Blogging. Have stumbled across this and am finding really useful!

Hope you can add me to the list.

my blog is


Natalie Shinn said...

I love the sense of cameraderie. Count me in!

J. said...

I love this idea. :) I went ahead and added the graphic to my blog. It's new, my blog, but I hope to build it up. I think this is a great way to help me get started. :)

Blessed Yule!


Unknown said...

I just came across this and it sounds awesome. Adding the graphic to my blog right now!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be added and appreciate you for gathering all of these wonderful Pagan blogs in one place.

Unknown said...

Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this! I have the Banner on my blog

Katelyn said...

I would love to be a part of this. I was so discouraged randomly browsing through blogspots and not finding anything I could connect with. Thank you so much for putting this together! Here's the link to my blog:

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I would like to be added to the list. Heh, it took me forever figuring out how to put the link on there. I'm quite new to Wordpress. My blog's name is Modern Day Väinämöinen.

Tracy said...

Wonderful... I was just trying to find some good pagan blogs to read. I am just starting down the path and could use some inspiration and support! I am at and am putting the graphic up now!

Baedon said...

I have a blog that covers a wide range of topics in the area of faiths. You can find it at I did include your graphic, as I would love to join the network.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be a member! My site is:

I have linked back in my sidebar with the image you provided

Jamie Freeman Tarot said...

What a wonderful idea! Please add me to your site:

On my site, you'll find yourself under Banners and Blogroll page on the tab up top.

Thanks for the add!

Naukishtae said...

I would like to join Pagan Blogger's Network.. sounds like a good thing..

Kanani said...

I am so excited I found this. )O(
I can't wait to check out all these blogs!

Courtney said...

I'm in! I'll post it!!!

Charlotte "Bohemian Hippie Chick" Poulloin said...

hi want to join trying to load the icon from photobucket but it is saying there is no banner for the pagan bloggers network.. wat am I doin wrong! arghh
Have a groovy day!

Josh said...

Hello, I am Shayde, My wolf nara say you r spirit guide is very strong. I look forward to speaking with you.

Jennifer Juenger said...

Just wanted to join, and let everyone know that my site is
Called Brea's Air.