Sunday 10 February 2008

Paper vs. DishMachine

Weird some how that jumped out on to the page without any content. Oh well a quick edit will fix it.

So this afternoon Alex and I were watching a tv show on TLC, Jon and Kate +8. Basically it is about the life of the parent and there 8 kids. They were not able to have kids regularly so they went to a fretility specialist and end up with a set of twins. So then they tried again a few years later and ended up with septumpletes (6 kids).

On the show it was saturday morning and they were busy making the traditional Pancake breakfast. I was a gast to see her serving all these kids using paper plates. Then hearing her tell one of the kids to double up the plates, made me want to scream. They made a side comment during one of the interview portions of the show that they go through 1300 paper plates in about 3 months. Of course there is little to no mention of things like recycling on the show.

So I can only assume that all those plates were going in to the landfill, it's enough to make you cry if you think about it to hard. Then I thought I about it a little more and realized if they were using regular plates, just how many loads would they be doing in the dis washer every day? How much water would they be using, how much detergent would they be dumping in to the rivers and water systems.

It's a tough call what would be worse in this case, I just don't know...

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