Monday 11 February 2008

Spiderwick the Movie

So I had the opportunity tonight to see a special showing of the new Spiderwick Chronicles movie that is comes out this Thursday. I've never read any of the books that the movie is supposed to be based on so I really can't say if it was accurate or true to the books. Also I want to be very caution about not giving out any spoilers.

The basic premises is that there is a magical world of goblins, fairies and the like that live all around us and are invisible to the naked eye. A person named Spiderwick discouvered this magical world, and wrote a journal about his experiences in it and what he learned about it. Along the way the book itself became an item of power, that the villian wanted for the knowledge it contained within it. One of the children discouver the book and set off a series of adventures to safe the family from the orge who wants the book.

Where the movie really shines is the special effects. The various goblins, fairies and other monsters are wonderfully done. They make references to various mythical creatures like Redcaps, trolls, hobgoblins, griffons and the like. All of them are brought to life in a very real feeling way. As a big special effects bluff and I was really impressed by it.

The over all story is fun, and light hearted. Nothing was overly scary at least not in my opinion. By the end of it my whole family was in agreement that it was a movie to add to our collection and was one that we would be able to enjoy over and over again. There once only one scene at the end of the movie that I would of rather seen done differently. But that's just a matter of taste on my part.

4 stars out of a possible 5

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