Saturday 12 January 2008

Another one of those things

Last night we had finished painting the ceiling in the bathroom. So a friend(The one who did my banner) where relaxing down stairs playing some Halo 3 online and getting our butts kicked. You see we are not very good and don't spend the hours playing that some people seem to be able too. We still have a great time although and thats the important thing.

The clock had just flipped over to 1am and I was about to go to bed and she was laying down on the couch to crash flipping through the channels to find something to watch while she fell asleep and what does she find but "Death Race 2000'. For years we had both friends and family members crack jokes about how many points that person on the street would be worth. The movie had become something of a legend and long running series of in joke in the minds.

We were hooked in an instant, I whipped up a bowl of popcorn for the two of us and we stayed up to watch. Wow what an awful movie the story line was weak to say the least. The effects were down right funny, but todays standards. But acceptable for the time I guess. Goddess please never let me see a hairy David Carradine in tight jockey shorts again. It had a few redeem qualities but they mostly came in pairs attached to the front of the woman cast members. The second redeem quality (Or possible the 3rd depending on how you count) we the cars.

Long live President Frankenstein

I really think the idea of a president Frankenstein has a nice ring to it.

In the end it was another one of those thing. I am sure that all have them, something that all of our friends are always talking about or making comments on. Yet for whatever reason you have never seen it. Then when the opportunity presents itself and you finally are able to sit down and watch the whole thing you are left with a profound sense of disappoint. You also really have to question the judgement of your friends and family who have been talking about it all these years and keeping its legend alive.

In the end Death Race 2000, is without a doubt another one of those things.

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