Sunday 13 January 2008

Weekend of firsts

Well it’s been a very interesting weekend for a few different reasons. One thing I don’t think I’ve really talked about on here is the fact that my wife and I purchased a house this past summer. It is the first and last house that we will every buy, and as we joke with our kids. They will have to career us out in a pine box.

So pretty much the first weekend after we took ownership of the house a deck was added with the wonderful help of a friend. This weekend was the start of the next major project for the house, the Bathroom. Earlier in the week, we stripped basically everything out of the bathroom that was physically attached. The everything was carefully taped down and prepared to receive the paint.

Thanks to some hard work from all of us including both our daughters and a friend. We now have a beautiful dark blue bathroom. A lot of features need to be fixed up still, including some new curtains, bathmats and other bits and pieces like a medicine cabinet and even a shower head. All sort of great things for the new bathroom to get us through until we have lots of money to do the full bathroom remodel.

Saturday night ended with a fun filled trip to the local hospital. My wife had been walking back in to the house after running out for some supplies only to slip on the ice. Her knees already in bad shape got that much worse with a torn tendon. So now she is hobbling around the house (most of the time) ignoring the crutches the doctors sent home with us.

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