Thursday 13 November 2014

Getting ready for Jimcon

Well it that time again, time to pack up the games and head for my local gaming convention.  I am blessed in that I have two different gaming my province.  Better still the organizers of the cons had the forethought or at least the good planning abilities to set the at opposite ends of the calendar.

My plans for the weekend pretty much have gaming starting around 6 o'clock on Friday and go right through to Sunday around 4 when the gaming ends.

Slot 1 - My open open slot for the weekend. I'm hoping to make my way around the con to check things out and explore a bit.

Slot 2 - Friday Night Fiasco
This has become something of a tradition at the last few cons I've attended.  The last couple of times I've run it the game it included much alcohol. This time it will be played straight but hopefully it still goes over well.  I'll be running the AfterMath play set I wrote.

Slot 3 - Star Wars 
Fantasy Flight has done a really good job on their Star Wars license.  The system is pretty much rock solid from what I've played and what I've run of it.  For this one I will be running Rebel Dawn, the adventure that was released for Rebellion Day back in May.  Hopefully I get enough players this time around to run it.

Slot 4 - Battle Skies
Slot 5 - Battle Skies
I've got a double slot of Battle Skies a game of my own creation, that is available through Final Sword Productions. It is a Dragon Combat game that is played in in 3 dimensions allowing the the dragons to climb and dive at one another as they fight.  I'll talk more about this in future posts it is a sizable part of my life.

Slot 6 - Casting
Slot 7 - Casting
Casting is a new project I am working on.  It is a card game where players take on the roles of wizards and other spell casters trying to gather the components they need to cast a spell.  It is a cross between a hand management and resource gathering gaming.  With a bit of screw your neighbour component for added fun.

Slot 8 - (RPG) D&D 5th Ed: The Lost Mine of Phandelver
Slot 9 - (RPG) D&D 5th Ed: The Lost Mine of Phandelver
This will be the first time I've played 5th edition D&D.  I've honestly heard nothing but good things about the system so I'm really excited to finally get the chance to play it.

Slot 10 - Time Jockeys
This is a new game by another local developer and I have no idea what it is about.

Slot 11 - 13th Age: Crocodile Island
Slot 12 - 13th Age: Crocodile Island
Another RPG that I have tried and one I'm looking forward to.

Slot 13 - Battle at Kembles Cascade
I don't know a lot about this one, other then that it describes itself as being like a side scrolling video game.  That was enough to sell me on it.

Anyways more on the weekend another time.

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