Thursday 4 February 2010

Thursday Thirteen

It seems like forever since I’ve written one of these but I was struck with the perfect idea for a Thursday 13 this morning. So I got all excited about writing one for next Thursday, only to get to work and realize that it was a Thursday and that I could right it for today. So here goes.

The 13 Apps on my iTouch

1) Lose It – You see people tracking calories and exercise in a lot of different ways in this steadily growing world. Lose it offers food and exercise tracking without an internet connection. The main alternative Feedburner does the same thing but is limited to internet searches. It also has a number of extra features that become available when you have net access. - FREE

2) To Do’s – My wife and I live life with to Do lists. It keeps us organized and often on track. To Do’s is a to do list maker with three levels of priority and an easy to use interface. - FREE

3) Quickoffice – Work on Office formatted word and Excel documents right on your iTouch. Do I really need to say more? I use this app on a daily basis for writing, tracking word count, and other projects that will in time end up in Word. – PAID and worth every penny.

4) TweetDeck – It is an amped up version of Twitter that lets you control and monitor you Twitter account. You can post, you can follow conversations, track mentions and Direct messages with easy. - FREE

5) Facebook – Alright Face book is crack I admit it. But with the Itouch app it lets me connect right too it from anywhere I can get a connection. - FREE

6) BlogPressLite – This app connects right into my blog and lets me write posts away from my computer, away from even an internet connection. It allows you to save what you write as a draft and publish when a connection becomes available. The only thing about it that I don’t like about it is the fact you don’t seem to be able to add in things like links. You might be able to code straight in as HTML I’ve never really tried too. - FREE

7) Stanza – Ebook reader you can download books directly to it, although the method was a little twisted the reader does work really nice in the end. It includes access to a number of free collections and a lot of paid ones as well. Wait a minute wasn’t this one of the big selling features for the iPad? - FREE

8) Dictionary – at your finger tips with extra’s available if you have an internet connection. I’ll often use it as a spelling tool if I’m working on something. As an added bonus it also has a Thesaurus associated with it. - FREE

9) Name Shake – One of the hardest things for me is coming up with names on the spot. For most people not sure a big problem however if you are running a role-play game or writing a book this suddenly becomes a much bigger issue. - PAID

10) N.O.V.A. – It has been described as HALO for the iTouch and in a lot of ways I wouldn’t say it is far off. A fun game and well worth the ten dollar price tag. - PAID

11) iBomber – The finest free game I’ve found to date. You are the bomber and pilot of what feels and looks like a world war two bomber. It is a simple tilt game to steer and a single button to drop bombs. There are various bomb upgrades to be found and a variety of different targets. I’ve beaten it but it is still keeping a spot on my iTouch. - FREE

12) Background – a wide array of free background. I’ve downloaded a couple and haven’t even scratched the surface of the options available. - FREE

13) Pocket God – take control of the little people that live in our iTouches rules there lives, kill them, or just make them do things. It is a silly little game that entertains me from time to time. - PAID

On and I think it plays music and other types of sound files.

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