Thursday 8 October 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Reasons to do NANOWrimo


13 Reasons to Take
Part in

1. It a month all about writing what more do you need. Alright you might need more so I'll keep going

2. It turns writing into a team sport so you can do it with friends.

3. It will keep you busy and out of trouble for a whole month, only leaving you 11 more to figure out on your own.

4. Think of all the money you will save write before Yule if you are to busy writing to spend it.

5. Hours spent in front of a keyboard just letting the words flow out your finger tips.

6. The chance to meet a lot of new and interesting people on the forums and through local community events

7. It is the someday that you have always been waiting for to write your novel.

8. It is a month long marathon of writing

9. Everyone reading this likely blogs at some point or another and to one degree or another. Which means you are all writing so do it for real for a month and see how you like it.

10. Writing is normally such a solitary thing for this one month out of the year it isn't.

11. Did I mention it is a month of writing with huge amounts of encouragement from a lot of other people.

12. This month is all about proving you can do it, don't do it and you'll never know. The experience has chance a lot of things in my life.

13. Imagine how great it will feel when you reach that 50k mark or whatever mark it is that you've never made before.

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1 comment:

Tracie Nall said...

Great list....I, unfortunately have no novel inside of me, but I am in awe of those who do. I hope that your month goes well.

Happy TT