Tuesday 3 February 2009

A Year of Living Biblically

So in our book study group a few months ago one of the members brought up a book she was reading called 'A year of living biblically' (There is a link on the left side of the page) The idea of the book sounded facinating and I asked to borrow it when she was done. A week ago she arrives with the book out of the blue and I've been reading it since.

When I updated the blog a bit I wanted to make a point of talking abit about it. After all lets face it it does seem like something a little odd for a pagan to be reading. Dispite or perhaps because of the subject matter I'm finding that I really enjoy the book. The basic premise is that the author A.J. Jacobs a non-religious jew who was raised in a non-religious household has decided to try and get a better understanding of the bible by living it. I don't mean just living the ten commandments that so many people try and fail at following. I mean all of it.

The book chronicles is journey through the experience and all the different places he visits and events that he takes part in. He is very honest about his experiences and goes in to some personal aspects of the journey as well. Including the challenges he faces in being fruitful and multipling with his wife and the challenges of raising a son while trying to follow a biblical life. It is an interesting study in living a religious life. While the rules (All 72 pages of them) are not ours as pagans. I've been finding a lot of the lessons he learns along the way can easily be carried into our faith.

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