Friday 9 January 2009

Organization wins out

My life is an on going effort to get more organized. I make lists at work, I make them at home. I'll make them when I plan on leaving home for that matter. Is it worth all the paper used to make those lists? In my not so humble opinion they certainly are. Without the aid of lists I'd likely be lost. In fact the fact I had to write this blog was on a list.

So what have I learned over my years of list writing? There are a few things in fact that I'll share with you on the subject of lists.
  1. The first thing to put on any to do is 'Make to do List' This will let you get off to a good and quick start by crossing something off as soon as you finish the list.
  2. Set a time frame for your list, if you leave it open ended it is easier for ignore something and leave it for later.
  3. When your building your list you need to be realistic about what you can really get done in the time frame you've given yourself.
  4. List some real fun. If you are anything like me when it comes to lists you can become some what focused on completing it. So put a couple things on the list that are fun to do
  5. Last but not least if your making a list for say the weekend and have things that you need to do each day in order to complete the task. Then include each day on the list so that you can cross something off after each day.
Those are just a few suggestions from my own experience with lists. As much as they might seem like a simple organizational tool. They can also be a power magical and spiritual tool as well. More on that tomorrow

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