Thursday 8 January 2009

Bloggers Block

I've been sitting in my chair looking at the demanding little white square that is the Blogger inter-face. I'd start working on something about the local interest in Street justice, which has been all over the news here in Winnipeg for the past couple of days. After a couple of paragraphs that topic took as nose dive as I realized that it wasn't really going anywhere. Then I went on to try writing about Pagan foundations and daily practices it didn't go anywhere either in my mind although I do want to go back to that one at some point.

So in the mean time I hope you've all had a great first full week of the new year and that you are all ready for the first full moon of the new year.

Now to try and finish writing my column The Digital Pagan and hope that the writers block doesn't extend.

Update: The block didn't extend to writing the column's 1st draft is finished. Yippee

1 comment:

Mrs Flam said...

Ekk Writers block I use a keyword and the word random in google to find topics sometimes.

or I just grab whatever is closest to me and it winds up as an entry.