Thursday 2 October 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things to do Before NANOWRIMO Starts

1.... Log back on to the NANOWRIMO website

2.... Update my information on the site

3.... Update my blog to include a participate button

4.... Continue working on basic outline

5.... Decide which of the 60 questions I will be using for the project

6.... Check out the forums and see some old friends.

7.... Order a NANO Wrimo T-shirt or something from the store

8.... Work out the 60 Challenges that will go with each of the questions

9.... Collect a copy of each and every question I have ever asked on all three of the mailing lists in a single location for quick reference.

10.. Set up the folders on my flash drive as well as on the desk top computer so I can back up nightly and not risk losing any data.

11.. Go through my November schedule and free up as much time as possible for writing. While still having the things I need

12.. Do a massive house cleaning so some of that can be ignored during November.

13.. Get as much extra sleep as possible since I will be skipping sleep to writing in November

and the bonus one is go through my MPSs and start building play lists.

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1 comment:

Susan Demeter said...

I admire the participants of this, and those all sound like good tips! :) Happy TT!