Friday 30 May 2008

Dangerous Dames

Alright so the cover looked like crap, the back read like a really hokey story that was no where near believable. I normally wouldn't have given this book a second glance. However events conspired against me. I had gotten two tickets to go see the priemier showing of "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?" My wife was at work so I went with one of the guests from Keycon Liana K. Of course we ended up getting there early so what else does one do while waiting for a movie. We went to the big book store in the mall.

Together we wandered through the section discussing various writers and books that we had enjoyed and would recommend. This was her recommendation, I suggested Krushiels Avatar in the end after we looked at various books. I walked out with this one and she walked out with my recommendation and three other books on Winnipeg.

I was pleasently surprised with my purchase and hope Liana K was as well. The book reads like an old dime store Detective novel like Sam Spade or something along those lines. The big difference is that instead of being set in some gritter underworld city like New York it is set in the future. The year 2057 to be exact and a lot has changed, there is teleportation, holograms, hover cars and all make and manner of robots and ray guns. If you have ever seen the Popular Science magazines of the forties and fifties is kind of has that feel and look to it. I guess you could say it is a Pulp Future Setting.

The main character Zach is the last legal and fully licensed detective in the world. They offer a very good explaination as to why there are no more licenced detectives in the book so I won't repeat it here other than to say the reasoning was sound and believable. In an attempt to keep the review spoiler free I won't go in to either of the two stories in the book. I want to keep the mystery intact. I will say I enjoyed the second one more then the first but that having read "The Plutonium Blonde" first did make the second story much more enjoyable.

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