Wednesday 30 April 2008

Weigh In

Well it's official I've stalled, I have weighed in at roughly the same weight for roughly the past 2 months at this point. You can see it pretty clearly on the graph at the bottom that it is bouncing around in between 365 and just above 360. Its frustrating as hell and I need to do something serious to push past it.

Leveling out like this is normally the point where I give up on any attempt at weigh loss I get frustrated and just don't bother any more turning instead to comfort foods and videos. Not going to happen this time I refuse to let it happen. Remember how crappy it felt when I weighed in back in December and learned that I had climbed up to a massive 398.8 pounds. Also remembering how great it has felt when I've had to ask my wife to take my pants in an inch (Which I've had to do twice so far) Both of those memories and experiences will be wonderful motivator for me to stick to this and keep going with it.

To help me try and get through this I have a couple of plans in mind. First I plan to record everything I eat here in my blog. So each day will have an entry saying what I have put in to my body. I have no plans to starve myself or stop eating the things I like, but I do have to watch the amounts and keep it in moderation. Along with the food tracking I will also be keeping track of what exercise I do as well. Hopefully both of those steps will help me along the way and let me break through the 360 wall that been built up in my mind these past couple of months.

The last thing am look for is someone online to do this with. Am working towards weight lose with my wife but some times it helps to see someone doing the exact same thing as you in their blogs pushing forward to lose weight. Also you need to be willing to comment and speak you mind, if your just here to tell me good job and pat my back while I pat yours, please don't bother. So if your interested and willing to do the things I have laid out above please drop me a comment and lets get rid of these pounds.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart


Diana Swallow said...

I think you should be able to find someone to buddy up with in the HYC. Honestly the reason I started it was to help everyone get the support they needed. Just start visiting everyone's blogs and see who you might connect with.

Felicia said...

Just wanted to wish you luck on getting things moving again. Nothing worse than a stall. I am like you in that it used to be my trigger for saying "ah screw it" and bail off what ever the lastest diet I was on. Glad to see you 'see it' and are heading it off at the pass.

I don't track anything but protein so I wouldnt make a good buddy in that but I make a great "cheerleader" so I will stick to cheering you on.

Again good luck to you!! I am sure you will reach your goals!


Howling Hill said...

Good for you for making the decision to put your health first. And good for you for following through.

Let me ask you something (and please be honest) how do you motivate yourself to exercise? I have made myself promises to get my body moving. I've made deadlines. But my promises are broken and my deadlines overrun and still I can't get myself motivated to move. I'm great at planning to (I'll start January 31!) but sucky at the follow through.

Randilin said...

Its tough Howling but once you get started it becomes a lot easier. Talk about it on your blog makes you more accountable on it to others, and that is often good follow through. Also commit and actively visit a sit like Scalejunkie (It's in my blog roll) that helps a lot and also makes you more accountable.

Let me know if I can help at all