Thursday 3 April 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Websites and Internet Things not to miss out on.

How could you possible want to miss out on the excitement that is the life and times of me. Read what I think, Read about what am doing, Comment and offer your own suggestions and advise. You to could have your say in my life, how could anything

2.... Wikipedia
It is the repository of all knowledge right or wrong and useful and useless. There is tons of great stuff and lots of Bull shit as well. So if you're just looking for information but are not to worried if it is right or wrong then check out Wikipedia.

3.... Yahoogroups and GoogleGroups
I've lumped these together because they basically provide the same services. Massive lists of E-mail discussion groups that cover every topic under the sun, a number of them that likely couldn't be done under the son and many that you wouldn't want to. Both have there pros and cons and it really is a matter of opinion as to which you prefer more.

4.... Itunes and Pod Casting
Power to the People and word to the masses. That's just what podcasting is doing, anyone is now able to set up there own podcast and get their word out to the people. Al Gore in his book the Assault on Reason (To be reviewed later) talk about the power of democracy coming from average people being able to communicate with everyone.

Check out the podcast section, find a topic of interest and listen away. Personally I would recommend Deos Shadow, The Wigglian Way. But can't go wrong with downloading on and giving it a listen.

5.... Torrent Sites
Am not going to link to any as there really are a number of good ones out there and you should check them out. They are a wonderful source of music, movies, tv shows games and anything else you might be looking for. Just Remember if you like it, Buy it or they might not make more.

I almost feel dirty even mentioning it on this list but lets face it, Facebook is here and its not going away. The other day at work I was walking across the call centre floor and I walked past one of the oldest CSR in my department. The one who complains loudly every time a new program is introduced at work, and she was surfing around on facebook like a pro. If she can use it anyone can, so if your haven't already made an account well you really should. Otherwise you might never find out what happened to that friend from elementry school who you haven't seen or thought of in 30 years.

7.... DIGG is a repository of things other people find interesting and cool. So you never really know what your going to find, but you can be certain it will likely be different and worth a read.

8.... Webcomics
There are so many different and really good webcomics out there that it would be impossible to list them all off. I find a new webcomic I enjoy about once every couple of months and am not even looking. Heck it would take a whole month Thursday 13's to list the one I like. I've already done one list like that listing my favorite 13.

9.... Reuters
Reuters is a news service that a lot of different newspapers and tv stations use to get the news. So why not cut out the middle man and go straight to the source.

10.... Red flag deals
Looking to buy something and want to find a better price, maybe get some feed back on it from people who already own it. Check out the forums at people are always offering suggestions, sharing information about pricing. They are working together to help each other save money.

11.... RPOL
This is for all you games that read this blog. is a roleplaying site filled with hundreds of different roleplaying games that are being run with pretty much any system you can think of under the sun. check out the Players wanted thread and see what games are looking for you.

12.... Expert Villiage
This little gem is for the how To person inside all of us. Hundreds of How To Videos on pretty much any subject you could be looking for.

13.... Your Website/blog/whatever
Take a moment and reply to this thread and include a link to your website in your comments. Because well with out people like you reading this blog and making your own. I wouldn't have been able to list mine as number 1 on the list.

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Anonymous said...

Great list, I'll have to the ones I'm not familiar with out. Happy TT

Jane said...

I lurve lurve lurve Wikipedia, I go there pretty much every day for some reason or other.
Great blog - I'll be back.

Unknown said...

Excellent TT and great way to get to meet other bloggers...I have 2 blogs - my main (contains my TT) at:
and my book review blog at:
Hope you'll visit either or both

Lori Watson said...

Nice TT.

Thanks for stopping by!

Michelle said...

Excellent list of websites!! Dont forget about I would go crazy without checking mine every day!

Have a great one!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

This is a great list! #1 and #13 were the perfect additions. Thanks for stopping by my blog!