Sunday 3 February 2008

Household Projects

Did you ever have one of those projects. Am sure you all know the ones, its the one where everything seems to go wrong. This weekend I've had one of them. It should have been the simplest of things but its fought with me every single step of the way. Now the project itself is broken down in to two parts. Part 1 extend the shelfing above the computer, Part 2 Put up shelfing in the bathroom.

My wife picked up all the supplied for it this Friday from Home depot. The problem is that the original shelfing that we have over the computer was purchased at Rona. So the first problem is that the metal rod that you attach the brackets to is slightly different. So we returned it and got one that matched.

Then after it was up I discovered that the brackets that hold the shelves in place from Home Depot don't fit the metal rods from Rona. Also the extended shelves are too big to go in the bathroom so I can't just switch them.

Now we have to return stuff to Home Depot and replace it with the right stuff. So basically instead of getting up two whole new sets of shelfing this Sunday, I have instead mounted a single metal rod to the wall.

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