Thursday 5 March 2009

New Thursday Thirteen - 2

13 of my secret guilty pleasures

1. Stats - I love to look at the stats on my blog to check out the hits it's received and where it gets them from through Google Analytical. The same is true of the real time sidebar that I have on betweentheticks and through it I can just pop on to the site and see where people are coming from when they visit the sites and even stalk them a little by knowing which link they follow to leave. It is all very exciting to me, With the podcast I co-host with some friends I'm able to track the downloads and as I write this our first episode is only a couple of downloads away from reaching the thousand mark.

2. Offering Advise or Opinions - Do you ever find yourself commenting on a book or a movie someone else is looking at? I do this all the time. I might never have read or seen it but if I've heard something about it or even formed an opinion based only on cover art am more then happy to share it with someone.

3. Wasting a day with controller in hand - Just kicking back in a comfy chair controller in hand and wasting away the day killing raiders, pirates, monsters or whatever else a video game throws at me. All the while progressing further and further through the game.

4. Comic Books & Books - In this age of digital media and environmental awareness I still love my paperback books. I haven't ordered a Kindle from amazon (If you don't know what that is click on the bottom banner on the left sidebar) I love to hold a book in my hand and read through it flipping the pages and feeling the ink wear off on to my finger tips. The only exception to this paper fixation is comic books and gaming books both of which I download, read and delete.

5. Winning - I try hard to remember that wining isn't as important as enjoying myself. It doesn't matter I still know in the end I will get the rush or high from winning. In someways I think I might even be a little addicted to it. The best example of this is a playing a Virtual Reality first person shooter with my wife on my anniversary. I was brutal and killed her so many different ways. As a side note; she was a good sport about the whole thing.

6. Writing - I know it is a dirty word to some but I love to do it. I blog here posting various bits of strangeness I find and also thoughts and Ideas that pass through my head. I also am working on a spiritual book, and am devoted to reworking one of my first projects originally entitled "It's a kind of magic" into a webnovel. Its name has changed, the story is evolved, grown, and the best part is that it is out there for people to read as it does. Check it out at

7. Fast Food - McDonald's is just to easy to grab while I'm out on the road doing something or going somewhere. It doesn't help that there is also one sitting right outside my work and the lunchroom we have here sucks so completely.

8. Toys - Growing up I was a big toy kid. I had tons of toys. Now a days often take a quick swing through the toy section at the local Wal-mart. I like to see how the toys have changed over the years. I'll even pick up the odd thing that catches my eye and I think will sit nicely on a shelf. Mostly recently this has lead to a couple of new Combat Heroes Snake-Eyes and Zartan who now watch over me while I work.

9. Reality TV - I hate TV with a ever growing passion. Not because of the programming, but because of the cost and lack of control. In Winnipeg like in most places we don't get to just pick and choice the channels we want, they are sold in packages and bundles. That means I end up having no choice but to pay for extra stuff I don't really want, watch or need just so I can have the channels I do want. The real problem with having all those extra channels is sometimes the box just gets left one for background noise while we work. which results in me getting sucked in to stupid reality shows like True Beauty, Survivor, and Dancing with Cleavage.

10. Nostalgia - I've been on a real nostalgia kick as of late. When I find something from my childhood that had some significance. Here are a couple of examples first I found a used copy of the Hardy Boys book my mom brought home for me that got me started down the path of a reader. I also found a copy of the Fighting Fantasy Novel Warlock on Firetop Mountain that started me off as a gamer. Both of those books now hold places of honour on my bookshelves even if it is very unlikely I'll ever read them again.

11. Xbox Achievements Points - The stupid little things through X-box have come to mean something to me. I don't get it how it happened but it did. Now when I buy a game not only do I have to beat it but have to get the most possible achievement points. Now if only they could figure out something I could do with them.

12. Reading other peoples blogs - It is the voyeur in me who just loves to waste away an hour or four surfing around through the blogs of others. it quickly turns in to something of a game when I pick a blog from say the Pagan Bloggers Network and then start randomly bouncing around the various blog rolls I come across in my travels. It can be so fun to go from a pagan network and after an hour find myself reading through some Christian mommy blog and then commenting as well.

13. Comments - I love getting comments on my blog and on my writing. It is a lot like following the status and a great way of knowing that this isn't just an exercise in written masturbation. and on that note am all out of space for any more dirty little guilty pleasures. #:o)

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marcia@joyismygoal said...

If i try wasting time (other than BLlogs:))i fall asleep

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Those are fine things to love; so fine that I'm glad to have met you. Stop back often!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, X-box ought to give you a discount when you get so many achievement points.

Anonymous said...

Great list, I don't have a big video game box, but play Zuma & my old favorite Centipede on my phone & a lot of Galaga on the game boy advance I won at work (& didn't really want, I knew it would be a big time sucker & I was right)
You're not alone in the TV thing, I work for a DBS Satellite company in tech support & deal all day, every day with people who are absolutely horrified at the idea that they're going to be without tv for 3 or 4 days before a tech can go out to where they are.

Carmen said...

here's another comment for you to love. :)

Ironically, my word verification is "binge" :)

Jen said...

I always like to offer advise on books people are reading. I might as well work at the bookstore! As a matter of fact, I give the employees at the bookstore advise...for real!!

An Eerie Tapestry said...

I also check out my stats more often than is sensible, and remember having that Warlock of Firetop Mountain book a few decades ago. On the other hand, I'd be quite happy to replace my books with a kindle (if you could get one in the UK) but I far prefer actual comics to digital versions.

Hazellie said...

Some of the above are my own guilty pleasures as well! I'll keep your secrets if you keep mine! LOL!

Jacquie said...

First of all Thanks so much for stopping by my TT today! Now on to my comment! I was reading your TT and I was thinking wow! You sound just like me!!!Books, and Comic Books are some of my favorite things. I don't think I will ever order a Kindle though, I Like the books to much, lol I even read along if I buy an audio book! I am glad to have found a new blog to read! And you are welcome back to mine anytime!!

Anonymous said...

hey, you stole my guilty pleasures! Reality TV is one of my worst guilty pleasures. I'll watch entire days of Clean House, America's Next Top Model, Top Chef...

Anonymous said...

hehe. Too much fun! I'm with you on pretty much everything but the reality TV. Happy TT and thanks for visiting mine!

Malcolm said...

McDonald's used to be one of my guilty pleasures too. When I was too lazy to cook dinner after work, I knew I could depend on McDonald's . It helps (or maybe it doesn') that there seems to always be one within a mile of wherever you happen to be.