Monday 9 March 2009

Daylight Saving time

It just isn't agreeing with me at all this year. I normally have a hard time when it comes to Daylight Savings time but this year it has been really bad. I've been really tired since Sunday just YAWNing up a storm. The worst part about it is that wasn't caused by lack of sleep. Saturday night I stayed up till around 1230 in the morning. Then slept till just after nine the next day which matchs my regular amount of sleep. Sunday night I was asleep just after 11 or so and the alarm buzzed off at 6 like it's programed too. So no real loss in sleep at all compared to the norms.

I think the source of my time based BLAHs is the change in the sky line. I had grow used to the bright sunny sky in the morning as I ride my bus in to work. It was something that cheered me up and lightened my spirits as I rode the bus in to work. This morning that was gone, back was the darkness. I realize that this change will make for a longer and brighter evening however I for one will miss my morning sun for the next few months.

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