Wednesday 24 December 2008

Laptop excitment

So I posted earlier in december about the excitement am having with my laptop. Yesterday was the big cleaning day, which is pretty much the last thing I can try and do on my own. I took a few pictures along the way and thought I would share some of the experience.

This was basically the first step in the process. I popped a number of keys off with little to no problems. I sprayed the whole thing done with a contact cleaner designed for circuit boards and delicate equipment. Then brushed the whole thing with Q-tips and let me tell you that whats under the keyboard can be scary.

It didn't work, so I dug deeper in to the laptop, unscrewing about a half dozen different sized screws. More things where sprayed and brushed out and hoped for the best. Saddly the situation is still the same the space bar, the ' and " key as well as the ; and : key just don't work.

Now to decide what to do next...

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