Thursday 25 December 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1 again

Thirteen Tips for Not Celebrating Christmas

1.... The world shuts down for the day so plan ahead for anything that you might need! You might find some take out food from Oriental places or possible a 7-11.

2.... You might not celebrate Christmas but you likely have something that you do celebrate, so when someone wishes you a Merry Christmas don't snap their head off. Any blessing you get is a good blessing. Just reply with whatever is appropriate for you and your own believes In my case I say Blessed Yule

3.... You have to make your own traditions. It is a day filled with traditions of others that just don't apply to you so you need to make some of your own. One of our has been to take down the Yule Tree.

4.... Spend it with friends if you can. Other people who don't celebrate Christmas are as alone as you so why not be alone together.

5.... If you don't celebrate Christmas, know what you do celebrate if anything. People are bound to ask if they find out.

6.... When it comes to presents this time of year be sure to get something to the little ones in your world. But try to keep in mind whatever the reason your celebrating and make the gift topical.

7.... Food Food and more Food. There is so much great food this time of year enjoy it. But be sure to share some of your own.

8.... If you can work it, then at least off to take the shift so that other might be able to take the time and spend it with their families.

9.... Enjoy the holidays as much as you can, for example if you see a nice native scene in front of a house or office building. Be willing to say that it is a nice one, don't complain about it

10.. Some people might invite you out to a Christmas Dinner, if you want to go and feel comfortable going then go. You don't have to believe the same thing they do to break bread with them.

11.. So many of the holidays this time of year are very similiar. The Christians celebrate the birth of the Son, The pagans celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, and Hanukkah is a festival of lights. So remember we are not all the different.

12.. If you don't have to work and just want to stay in the house. Have fun, do something you enjoy.

13.. The biggest tip I can offer is to be respectful of what others believe and at the same time be true to what you believe at the same time. Others might not be able to do the same thing for you, but don't sink to their level.

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