Friday 13 June 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Iron Chief Secret Ingredents

For those of you who haven't seen the show let me explain. Each show
started with the revealing of a secret Ingredent and every dish that is
made has to feature and include that ingredent. Now the secret
ingredent can pretty much be anything but it is almost always some
rare and often strange food item that the average person in their kitchens
wouldn't have a clue what to do with. So here is my suggestions for secret
ingredents for the next season. After all every show needs a bit of a shake
up from time to time.

1.... Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

2.... Mystery Cans
When he pulls the cover off the secret ingredent he reveals a bunch of
tin cans of various shapes and sizes. All of the labels have peeled off and
the rule is that if you open it you have to use it.

3.... Klik / Holiday / Spam
This one would be all about the presentation and the spam sculptures

4.... Whale Blubber
The eskimos eat it.

5.... Left overs from the last three shows
There always seem to buy way more food then they could possible need.

6.... Hobo
We collected, cleaned and marinated five Hobo's for our judges dinning

7.... Road Kill
They collect it and it has to go somewhere

8.... The Rare White Rhino
Only 14 or so left in the world so this meal is a once in a lift time

9.... Carmel
Because it makes so many thing so much better.

10.. Open Flame
Everything you make and serve must be cooked over an open flame.

11.. Ethnic
Everything served must be an ethnic dish

12.. Child
It's like veally good

13.. Vegan
Everything you serve must be vegan

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kay said...

I bet the Iron Chefs could make something wonderful from the whale blubber!

Di said...

Hobos? Like homeless people who carry their belongings in an old bandana and jump trains to get from place to place? Hmmm...maybe it's a food I've never heard of. Or maybe you are advocating cannibalism. Whatever. Who am I to judge?

Randilin said...

According to this blog I also support the eating of White Rhinos, Childeren and spam. None of which I truely support.