Monday 23 June 2008

An updated life and recommitment to Blog

It’s been an interesting weekend, in a sense it was kind of a restart weekend for a number of different reasons. First we celebrated my wife’s BLANK birthday oh and it’s blank because she would likely shoot me if I posted her age without asking first not because I don’t know how young she is. Much fun was had at the small party and much Rock Band was played.

As presents she received three different cards of Microsoft for the Xbox. All of the points have no been spent getting new songs and the like. Nothing beats getting a set with multiple Metallica tracks I think they are the hardest songs in the whole game. I often wonder how the real band members would do at some of there own songs. I’ll have to remember to search Youtube or something and see if I can find some videos of it.

I mentioned restarting at the beginning of the Blog and am not really sure if that is the best world for it. It does work though it was the first time I had done ritual with a group in far too long and it was a wonderful experience for me. I led the guy’s side of the ritual, and leading up to I found myself thinking back about the people who had done that type of thing in our community before me. It was big shoes to fill but I think I did alright all in all. Am not going to go in to details about the ritual and the like, after all that would take away the mystery and well Wicca is a mystery religion

Saturday evening was a BBQ with friends and family. A number of them were at the ritual in the morning as well. If you ever get the chance to greet the Sun on Solstice morning and then say good by to it with the same group of close friends. Go for it is well worth it.

I’ve been working on a couple of new writing projects, I won’t give away to much in the way of details at this point as I have some amount of hope of getting them published. The first is about the life of the embodiment of a God in modern day earth. The working title is ‘Among Us’. While the second is a horror novel and the details for that one are still being sorted out in my head.

The podcast I’m working on with Tamile is going great we are currently working on our third episode. It is called SMOFCast and focuses sci-fi and fantasy fandom. Stop by and give us a listen. At this point we have had over 70 downloads. #:o) Another podcast is also being worked on but you will have to wait on the details for that one.

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