Thursday 3 January 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Great Web-comics

  1. Questionable Content
    General Life

  2. Least I could Do
    General life with a bit more adult content, no

  3. Something Positive
    General Life, some what darker then the

  4. Mega Tokyo
    Two americans stuck in Tokyo, making the
    best of it

  5. Order of the Stick

  6. Looking for a group
    Fantasy world

  7. Sluggy Freelance
    General Life, and perhaps the longest running
    webcomic on the list. Saddly at times it doesn't
    always have the greatest of story lines.

  8. User Friendly
    An internet company

  9. Ctrl-Alt-Del
    Mainly a computer and console gaming
    focused comic.

  10. Girl Genius
    A steam punk adventure

  11. Penny Arcade
    Mainly a computer and console gaming
    focused comic.

  12. Geek Tragady
    General Life

  13. Boxcar Astronaut
    This is the new Calvin and Hobbes, but it only
    updates once a week.

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