Friday 4 January 2008

Winnipeg Transit Fare increase

So with the new year also comes the new fare increase for our local transit system. This year they decide to skip the traditional 5 cents or so that they normally increase, and jacked up the fares a full 25 cents. Here is the part that they haven’t made public.

Talking about the adult fares only which are now $2.25. The tickets from last year where worth a $2.00 fare. That would normally mean that if you want to go out now you toss in your ticket in and .25 cents and away you go. But the reality of it is that they cost of 10 bus tickets only went up a dollar. So to catch a ride on the bus with an old ticket all you need to do is toss in a dime.

This fact is not something that is being advertised, so help spread the word and tell everyone you know. You don’t need to throw in a quarter with that old bus ticket just a dime.

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