Wednesday 16 December 2015

A life time of Star Wars

Disney World, 1989, age: 14,
the woman in the photo is my grandmother

First off there are no risks of spoilers here I haven't seen the movie yet and I've also stopped reading anything Star Wars related on the internet.

Star Wars has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  When the first movie came out on May 25, 1977 I was a year and half old.  The story I've always been told by my mom is that I was taken to the first movie at the driven in because my mom couldn't find a babysitter.  I have absolutely no memory of this at all, but I would like to imagine that I was spell bound staring at the screen watching the bright flashes of light flash a cross the screen with each blast shot.

Of course I realize that as a 1 and half year old I likely couldn't even see the screen and I certainly had no concept of what was happening in the movie.  What I would have known is that my mom was excited and happy.  Knowing what I know of kids that likely would have made me happy as well.  Either way it is mostly speculation the only fact I can confirm is that I was there.  The rest of the movies in the original serious I remember seeing in theaters as well.  Although I don't remember much about them personally.  I do recall seeing Return of the Jedi at Grant Park theater with my neighbor, although I have no clue why I would have seen it with him.

Star Wars toys fueled my imagination easily as much any of my other toys.  I remember grand adventures played out in my backyard where the falcon would land in the grass and my action figures would battle it out in what to them was waist high grass.  It went to encourage me to start reading other adventure books, and guild my friends through adventures of our own.

In many ways it shaped the person I am today.  A love of Star Wars lead to a love of Science fiction in general.  From that I discouvered role-playing games and in turn fandom.  There isn't a day that goes by in my life when I don't interact with someone I might because of my time in Fandom.  Granted that isn't to hard to say since I met my wife through fandom :)

by the time the second three movies that came out I had two daughters that I could bring along with me and introduce to the world of Star Wars.  Of course they had already seen the movies we owned the VHS we were savages.  But the thought of reading the scroll at the start of the Phantom Menace always brings a smile to my face.  Some jerk in the theater "shhhh" us as we were reading quietly to hear.  The people around us were so offended by his action that they started reading along with us.

Now with the new movies about to start I'm happy to say that I have a ticket in had for my grandson and I can't wait to take him to see it this Sunday.

Thank you George Lucas for bring a universe to life and having such a huge impact on my life.

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