Friday 24 July 2015

Gastric By Pass - Blow by Blow

So this post is basically going to be something of a blow by blow of everything I remember from my Gastric By Pass procedure.  Obviously I won't remember all of the details I plan to share what I can.  It will be some what graphic in parts because I don't intend to hold back.

The day started just before 7 in the morning when we headed to my daughters place.  The plan was for her to drop us off at the hospital and avoid paying for parking all day.  Hospital check in was super easy, they collected some basic information and sent us on our way.  The next room was admitting,  Here they basically get you set up for the surgery.  I was taking in to the back by a little old lady who I think was a hospital volunteer.  She gather up all my personal effects and other belongings.  Everything was tagged and bagged so it would be easy to move around with it me. While here they also set up the IV, of course now I am a mover so as soon as you try and put a needle in me I tend to try and pull away.  So this took a couple of tries.  My gods did that thing hurt,  although not as bad as the Heperin (We'll get to that later).

One problem I did have through out the whole admitting process is that I was supposed to remove all jewelry.  Well I have one ear ring that I've had in my ear for over 20 years at this point.  When my wife and I first got married we were basically broke.  So one of the things that we did to celebrate are marriage is we got our ears pierced.  The problem this caused was that I haven't taken it off in over 20 years.  The two pieces of the ear ring we figured have oxidized together.  The nurses tried to use forsips to remove them twisting and turning them.  But nothing would get it off.  There was talk of cutting it off, but in the end they left it in and just taped it down.  my favorite part about the ear ring was Dr Andrews comment about it.  When he arrived in informed he had had an extensive conversation about it with the nurses.  An other one of the people I met with refereed to it as the infamous ear ring.

All in all admitting was basically prep time.  One by one the doctors and nurse I was going to be working with.  No that isn't the right way to put it I wasn't doing anything with them they were working on me.  First was the admitting nurse who went through a battery of questions.  Later came two nurses who went through the same battery of questions.  how was your boost diet?  when was the last time you ate and drank anything?  The whole process was very repetitive at that point.  After the nurses had finished one of them pulled out a razor and shaved my stomach.  I was honestly surprised by how much hair I really had on my stomach.  He also shave the top portion of my groin.  A vibrating razor at the base of your shaft didn't feel as good as one might expect.

After they were done, a student anesthetist came by, he basically went through the same questions with a focus on any past operations I had experienced.  The one thing that really excited him was that dentures.  It meant that I was a whole lot easier to work with for them.  According to regular Anesthetist said I was their dream patient.  A little while later after that a man name Mark arrive to escort me to the OR.  I'm not certain but that seemed to be his only job.  A friend who had undergone the surgery told me the walk to the OR reminded her of the Green Mile.  I couldn't help but think about that as I walked to the OR.

The OR room reminded me a lot of something out of the show ER,  It seemed pretty high tech.  I was introduced to everyone in the room while I was sat on the chair in the centre.  I honestly don't remember any of the names, other than Dr Andrews.  The biggest thing I remember about my time in the OR was that one of the nurses kept insisting I had to higher on the chair.  The problem was that I'm 6'4" and for whatever the reason they didn't want my feet hanging over the edge of the bench.  I remember wiggling up the bench and my butt feeling like it was half way up the incline.  I was sure I was going to slide back down it once the procedure started but I didn't I guess.

I woke up about 4 to 5 hours later in recovery.

The incisions
The procedure was done through 6 incision.  I was honestly fairly surprised by how many incisions they had to do.  I thought that there would be a lot less.

Apparently one of the doctors had come to me and told me that everything had gone fine and that the operation had been a success.  I don't remember his visit but he did come by later in recovery and tell me the same thing.  The other thing that they say you might or might not remember is the removal of the pipe they put down your throat.  I didn't remember it at all.

A few family members came and visited, I passed a gas a couple of times.  Honestly I figured ya me, The last gas I passed was liquidy so I thought figured it was time for the washroom.  Sadly for me it was blood.  Apparently sometimes it comes out that way.  They took some blood from me to follow up on it and do some testing.  it has been two days now since the procedure I still haven't taken a shit yet.  So far that has been the only complication I've faced.  Hopefully I will go to the washroom soon.
The rest of the day

Anyways that is pretty much everything that happened.


Two things that I forgot: the nurse would not let tamile stay with me in the recovery room over night.  This was something that they were not really clear about during the lead up.  They basically said it was up to the nurse.

Second was the Heperin, I mentioned it earlier but didn't go into any real detail.  I was woke up in the middle of the night by one of the nurses.  She informed me it was time to for my Heperin shot.  It is a blood thinner meant to help reduce the risk of blood clots.  Coming to me in the middle of the night saying it is time for a needle really isn't the best way to get me to take it.  So I turned it down in the middle of the night.  Later the next day when I was a wake and was asked about it I took it.  If you are going to take this shot ask for it in the stomach.  It still hurts like an SoB but apparently it is better to do that then getting it in the arm.

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