Wednesday 6 July 2011

A New Beginning

Please watch out for my dust!

I haven’t been around for over a year now and there is a lot of cleaning that needs to be done.  You might have already noticed some of the first changes to take place on the blog’s side bars. I’ve removed the lunar tracker and also the Pagan Bloggers Network list.   I haven’t maintained or updated the list in over a year at this point and won’t be going forward either.  It was an exciting process when I started it and introduced me to many wonderful blogs with a variety of pagan focuses.  My time and energy needs to be more focused on the things that matter to me, like my writing for example. 

Between the Ticks is still going to be a blog about things that interest me. I’ll be talking about my effects to become a published author and the various projects I’m working one.  There will be regular posts about Role-playing games and Board Games of all sorts as they are a passion of mine.  Last but not least I’ll be posting anything else that catches my interest or my attention.  For example in the coming month there will be many posts about the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and my experiences attending shows and volunteering. 

I know from reading the rules of good blogging that a blog should have a main focus if you want to attract a loyal following.  So what I’m doing might seem like a really bad way to do things but I don’t want to have multiple blogs for each of my interests.  Instead I’ll keep the Keywords focused and make it as easy as possible for you to read.  Who knows you might come here to read about a fringe play and discouver something else that is exciting and new.  So bottom line is that this blog will have a main focus and that focus will be whatever catches my attention.  Oh Squirrel!!!

So basically going forward you are going to see three main labels; Fact, Writing, and Fancy. 

Fact being real life details about my life, what I’ve feeling, and what’s happening in the real world. For example if I post about how my mom is currently in the hospital, which she is, I would label it with Fact.  This might include some views and ideas that bother some people, in fact let’s be completely honest it very likely will.  Things like Paganism, Polyamour, BDSM, and who knows what else so if those things are going to bother you and you are going to feel the need to bitch and complain in the comments then I’d just suggest skipping this blog.

Writing is going to be all about my writing, including some samples. Even a few sneak peeks at projects on the go and some things written specifically for the Blog.  I will be talking about the successes I’m having and the frustrations as well. Of course there will also be some Friday Flash posts as well.  In addition to my own writing I will also be sharing bits and pieces I find on the Web and on twitter about writing, and the writing industry.

Fancy is that last big label I’ll be using and this will be for pretty much anything I’m interested and anything that catches my fancy in that isn’t directly covered in the other two.  The biggest example that comes to mind at the moment is things like Roleplaying games, Board Games, and Video Games.  That doesn’t mean it won’t include other things as well like maybe thoughts about television, movies, or any other good works of fiction.

So to my old readers I hope you like some of the changes, and I’m sorry for the loss of the Pagan bloggers network but it has been gone for a lone time. Despite the emails and requests I received on a weekly basis that said otherwise. 

To my new readers I say welcome, and I hope that you stick around for a while.

Finally to all of you I say I hope you enjoy reading about my life, my interests, my failures and my successes.  Most of all I hope that you take a moment to comment on the posts that you read.  Maybe offer a suggestion or an encouraging word. You can rarely go wrong with either of those.  Blogging at times can be a lot like masturbation, sure it might be fun and you enjoy it but it is a hell of a lot more stimulating knowing that there is someone reading it and on the receiving end.

See you all tomorrow for another post, I need to get working the first draft of the Belgian Run is due by the end of the month.

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Michael said...

Nice to see you back in the mix. I originally came to your blog through the Network. You will be happy to know that I will be staying. Your 'rebirth' sounds interesting and I will watch for new material.