Monday 8 February 2010

Amazing news

So most of Saturday was spent working on upgrading the computer. I had an older copy of Windows XP that came with the computer. It turned out to be an illegal copy. In the end we got a legit copy of Vista up and run, the difference is very obivious.

You might be wondering how this is amazing news well I am getting to that. We had just finished the format and the the 90 or so updates were flowing down in to my computer. I was finally able to check my e-mail for the first time in a day or so. A ton of emails about people having posted answers to a number if different Questions of the Week at the Modern Pagan. After those was an email with the subject - Congratuations -from a name I did recogize. Was I heir to the throne of some small country again, I wondered, already pulling out my wallet to enter my personal information as I clicked open.

To a mixture of disappointment and excitement I read the email. I was not a crown prince I learned with a heavy sigh. However I was a soon to be published author. This last bit of news had me floating four feet off the ground. I had submitted a piece of flash fiction I wrote to an anthology being put together entitled Best of 2009 #fridayflash Anthology. Some of you might remember the story Rescue Dogs posted here on September 11,2009. I pulled it down when I decided to submit it, so if you don't remember it you will have to wait for the book now.

At this point I don't have all details, in fact I don't have very many details at all. Rest assured as I learn more about how and when it is being released I will pass it along to everyone. In the mean time I will enjoy the rush of the acceptance and my first published story.

Nothing gets you wanting to write more then getting a email like this one.

- Author
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