Monday 7 September 2009

Question of the Week #8 - Paying for an Education

This week I've decided to go with something that in the past has really gotten people talking. In fact money is a subject that will generally get people talking anytime. I've got some pretty strong opinions on this topic so I am very excited to read any responses that come in. Also don't be surprised to if you see me commenting back on this one. So now on to this weeks and struggling to keep my opinions out of it.

There is a line in one of the earliest books on Wicca by Gerald Gardener that basically states you shall not charge for magic. The accepted meaning of this in many circles is that you will not charge to teach Wicca. So assuming this interpretation is correct at what point does something becoming teaching? There are groups of people in classes being held already the world that charge for them, there are even online classes that charge as well. Yet despite all these things charging people still keep bringing up this ideal that you shouldn't charge for Wicca.

This whole thing of not charging is limited to Wicca. All sorts of other organizations and religions charges for there classes. Even the ones that are semi religious in nature still charge. So why shouldn't you be charged for Wicca? Is there anything about Wicca that comes for free? Or do you have to pay for it in some way or another all along the way? So let us say that the lessons are free will they still have the same value to you?

Money is what makes the world go around on so many different levels. Does it make our faith go around as well?

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dreaming in maine said...

Well, I guess I'll be the first to comment today. I think there should be some kind of energy exchange for teaching of any kind. Just like "feed a man fish, he'll eat for a day, teach him to fish he'll eat for a lifetime", the same holds true for magic. Teach someone how to do their own magic and they have that knowledge to draw on for the rest of their lives (so to speak).

Having said that, some people are happy with an energy exchange of just bringing a potluck dish. Others want you to vow to then teach a class yourself and also not charge for it. Some people only want money, some are willing to barter for goods and services. I think all can be appropriate.

If the price seems exorbitant to you, perhaps you can find a similar service/class taught for less by someone else. Some people have spent many years studying their craft and rely upon the money for their income. It's hard to say what is a decent price or energy exchange. I suppose it has to be determined by the situation.

I am personally against charging more than I feel I need for a service (I'm a reiki master and charge less for my services, but at the same time I ask my students (all 2 of them I've had, LOL!) to space their levels apart and do "homework" in between levels. This, to me, helps them feel an active part of their own learning and helps them appreciate things. I don't believe in charging hundreds of dollars for one hour of reiki attunment. I guess I have just searched myself and in discussion with my guides I picked a suitable price.

I think most people can tell when they're being asked too much for something (hopefully). It's hard to tell someone to price fairly or do fair energy exchanges, but I believe in general if someone charges too much, they are likely in it for the wrong reasons and you wouldn't want to have your spiritual learning come from someone who does not have your spiritual side at heart. Any good teacher will be able to "feel" that their price is too high for you personally, so feel free to ask if they'd mind a sliding scale or other exchange for your particular financial situation.