Thursday 3 September 2009

Long sad day...

Went in to work this morning in some discomfort but wanted to try and tough it out and not miss more work. By about 1030ish it go to be to much. I couldn't take it any more even with a T-3. I headed home to drop off somethings before heading to a near by clinic to try and find out why I was still in pain from an operation a week earlier.

At home I discouvered that my dog Ginger was having problems, it had been for several days now. She hadn't been eating all that much since the weekend. Her back legs where shaky and she had a hard time standing up for any length of time. Tamile was very concerned and so was I. I didn't rush off to the clinic for me, I had to look into a few things animal clinics. We noticed more and more wrong with her as we watched her closely. Even after offering some of her favourite treats which she ignored.

We took her in to the Humane Society here in Winnipeg to check her out. She couldn't even get up to go to the door or go outside. The Vet suspected that at some point over the weekend Ginger at the age of 10 years old had a stroke. Apparently has a general rule dogs just don't recouver from them, they might linger for a few days before another stroke. but it will not be a positive experience for the dog or the owners. At that point we decided to have her put down. It was a sad time and both of use cried as the needle went in wishing her well wishes and a happy time in the summer lands.

She was a good animal and we hope that we where able to make her few years with us good ones.

After everything was said and done and Tamile was home I did go to the clinic for myself and the doctor did offer several very good suggestions. Which basically boiled down to sit the heck down and stop pushing yourself.

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Unknown said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It was three years ago that I had to have my 15 year old Siamese cat put to sleep. He had been 25 pounds when at his hardiest. With kidney and liver failure, he went down to 7 pounds, even though he was eating. It's hard to say goodbye. But I think you did the best thing.