Monday 17 August 2009

Question of the Week - Question # 5

This week we take a look at those wonderfully things called Daily Practices. They can a part of any faith or any aspect of your life and so many things we do include or suggest additional Daily Practices. People working on losing weight will have an exercise routine as part of their daily practice, but I'll be talking about those daily practice in my other blog Our body is Her Temple later today. Painters and other artists, for example, also work to put pen or brush to paper every day. You get the idea it is part of many different things in all of our lives.

Now I'd encourage any of you to go to your bookshelves and pull out any Pagan 101 book. Take a minute or two and flip through the book. I be willing to wage good money that they book offers up suggestions for things a Pagan should be doing as part of a Daily Practice. The most common suggestion is to journal, the act of taking a few minutes to write down the events of the day, anything special that happened to you, and how you felt about it all. It can be a great idea that works well for a lot of people My wife for example is a big journaler she does it every night. It is a part of her daily practices.

So what are your Daily Practices? Why have you choosen to make them such an important part of your life? Finally how did you go about turning them from just something that you did and making them a regular daily practice?

Look forward to seeing any replies. This is now a regular feature of my blog now and will posted every Monday.

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