Wednesday 29 July 2009

Question of the Week - Question # 1 - Answer

I thought I should get myself caught up on answering the questions I've been posting. It wouldn't be right for me just to post them and expect others to share something of themselves and not do the same.

Question of the Week #1

I've defined my path as a lot of different things over the years as I have explored different aspects of it that felt right to me at the time. I started off with a very heavy interest in the Norse/Teutonic paths, which resulted in a strange combination of Teutonic practices and Wiccan. Over time and as I studied more the combination felt less and less correct. In the end I have for the most part dropped the Teutonic practices.

Over the course of the past few years my practice has become more and more inline with traditional Wicca. I've briefly defined myself as Gaiast Wiccan & still work with several people who do use the term, but it just didn't work for me over all. I still find myself exploring different styles and working with the a variety of practices in search of the ones that do work best for me. For now I use the term Wiccan, a lot of people out there might agrue against the accuracy of the word in my case as an uninitiated person. My counter to them is to say that if I had been initiated then I would describe myself with name of style that I was initiated in to.

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