Saturday 7 February 2009

My new project

So I've hinted a bit at a new project am working on. While the project isn't completely ready for public consumption I did want to share something with all of you. After all you've been reading my blog for a while now, so who better to share with. Also who better (outside of myself) to hold me responsible to the project then all of you. I could go on and on about the reasons am starting this project but am not going too. I'm only going to share one reason with all of you. I love to write, and need to feel that deadline looming. This gives me that and a whole lot more.

Effectively what I am doing is rewriting my NANOWrimo 2008 project. I'm making major changes to it along the way and working on it in a fairly different format. Basically I am serializing it to post as part of what is basically a writing blog. It will work much like a traditional web comic. There will be regular and scheduled updates. Bios on the characters that will change and be updated as the characters grow and change. Finally different story lines and hopefully an exciting plot and characters that keep you coming back. There is a lot of other little things that go along with this plan but I get to keep some secrets to myself for now.

In the mean time here is a snippet from the story.

Janice stood up, brushed the creases out of her skirt. She shivered and turned towards the fire place “Gwendolyn it's getting cold in here, light the fire.” The words came out like a cold command.

“Yes Mistress,” Growled the mounted dragon's head. It coughed as if to clear its throat and then spat a small ball of fire into the wood below. “I thought you'd leave me like that all night while you worked through your tedium.”

“I might have had it not gotten so cold in here. You're not the best company for someone doing paper work.”

“Fair enough,” she replied unable to fault the logic in what Janice's had said. “So are you excited about the new term?” she asked.

“Of course, you know how this place ages me in the summer. The kids help to keep me young.” Her fingers ran through the few strands of gray hair that had crept into her brown and she looked at them in disgust.

“Ah Vanity your favorite sin, am surprised you haven't resorted to poisoning your forehead yet.” Gwen said arching her own brow and stretching the scales on her own forehead into ridge alignment to look as if she had under gone a face lift or Botox injection. She knew some of the ways she used the students to keep young and the thought of it was enough send shudders through its body.

“Magic works much better,” she replied and brushed her hand across her forehead checking discreetly for wrinkles

I hope you all enjoyed this little sample. It hints at a few different aspects of some of the earlier storylines.

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